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For this week’s column, the last of 2018, I thought I would share with you what I believe is the absolute most important, and fun, thing that I do as the development director at Sedona Public Library. No, not ask for support, although it is certainly related, and fun. Instead, I’d like to show you what is at the crux of any good fundraising endeavor, and that is the story.
You see, every week we fill the lines of this weekly column with announcements about the array of services and programs we excitedly offer, and with statistics we proudly report the number of patrons who have visited, how many items are in our collection, and the many community groups that partner with us. But all of that means nothing until we color it with you, your voice and your words as you tell us why this library is so important to you and to this community.
We’ve been gathering your stories all year in celebration of our 60th anniversary. There is simply no better way to celebrate, and yes, to ask for support, than by sharing your stories. Thus, in making a request for your new, continued, online, or monthly support, let me first share the following.
  • “You definitely are a jewel, and we are proud to show you off. Always beautiful as a public building; shining with bright new books; full of friendly, helpful staff; people of all ages smiling with books under their arms; so many community services. You sparkle brightly and enrich us! Thank you from a 40-year resident.” Rayna, Sedona.
  • “We are staying with our four grandchildren in Sedona using our Diamond Resort membership. This is the best children’s library we have ever seen. I am a retired attorney, reading specialist, and proud grandmother. My daughter is an MD/PHD. Congratulations to your staff for a job well done.” Susan, Tucson.
  • “Youth services helped me find new books that I like, and my true potential in reading. The first time I entered the Library I was amazed at how many books there were and how big the building was, and now I always feel relaxed and happy when I enter.” Pradhumna, Sedona.
  • “With everything that I owned packed in my Honda Civic, I moved to Sedona to pursue my life as an abstract artist and poet. I used the Library computers, instead of buying my own, to check emails and create fliers for my art workshops. The Library offered an avenue to share my work with the world, and I have self-published 40 books to date.” Marita, Sedona.
  • “It’s SO awesome to have a library in VOC. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, they always go the extra mile, especially when my husband was so sick. They helped me find information on the computer and ran copies for me.” Princess, VOC.
  • “I’ve lived here since the 1980s when the Library was uptown. I lived nearby so I used it for everything – including meeting clients so they didn’t visit my messy studio! I like the new Library, and Monday Night Movies rock!” V. Norton, Sedona.
  • “Library events have opened a whole new world for me and added a fun and interesting dimension to my life.” Arla, Cornville.
  • “I’ve used many good libraries, but this is the first great one. It’s my all-inclusive entertainment resource—books, videos, presentations.” Karen, Sedona.
Thank you for your support, your stories, and your enthusiasm. We are humbled by the breadth of your praise, and we are proud to do all that we do, for this community, for free.
It is my job to assure you that we couldn’t do it without support from individuals like you, the City of Sedona, the Friends of the Sedona Library, and property tax dollars we receive from Yavapai and Coconino Counties.
It is also my job, and my pleasure, to ask you to please remember the Library when you consider your year-end giving. We’ve made it easy at sedonalibrary.org/donate. Thanks, and Happy New Year!
​Sedona Public Library
Column for December 28, 2018
Written by Anne Marie Mackler, Development Director

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Happy holidays from the Studies Weekly family! As we wrap up 2017 and go into the new year, we wanted to give a shout out to the great teachers who make our work possible. None of us could do this without you, and we are so grateful. We have had a great year and are looking forward to the great things that await in 2018.

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After some feedback from some of our valued customers, we have decided to update this blog each month with a look at the month ahead and a summary of the months behind. To that end, here is our recap for the fourth quarter of 2017 and a few highlights.

Nice to Meet You!

Over the past couple of months, we have gotten to know a lot more of the educators who are using our products. We loved getting to know many of you better at the NCSS 2017 conference we attended.

Weekly News And Notesteach To Be Happy

Also, a great big “thank you!” to all who were able to attend the Veterans Day Video Assembly with your classes and interact with us on social media. Just a note, you can view this and related videos here. We are looking forward to keeping in touch with more of you going forward.

Studies Weekly on the Road


We had some of our representatives travel to California to meet with current and prospective customers. Any time we get to go out and interact with you is a good time for us. If you are interested in meeting one of our representatives face to face, let us know! We are fortunate to be able to have some visits already scheduled with districts in the following states in January:

  • January 3-5, 2018: Alabama
  • January 8-12, 2018: California and Kansas
  • January 16-19, 2018: Ohio and Indiana
  • January 22-26, 2018: California
  • January 23-26, 2018: California

Weekly News And Notesteach To Be Happy Hour

Weekly news and notesteach to be happy wishes

Representative Demos and Presentations


In addition to these dates, we will also be in Orange County, California at the Instructional Materials Adoption Fair. We also have representatives presenting at the Santa Barbara County Education Office History/Social Science Publishers on January 30 and 31, and look forward to meeting many of you there!

Weekly News And Notesteach To Be Happy Wishes

Meeting an Award-Winning Teacher

Cathlina Marston, a teacher in Glendora, California, has been using Studies Weekly publications in her classroom for 15 years. She’s been teaching for 30 years and we’re happy to be a great resource for her. Marston won the California Outstanding Social Studies Elementary Teacher of the Year Award, and we got to go meet and talk with her. She showed us how she’s using Studies Weekly in her classes and what she loves about it. If you missed that video, make sure to watch it now:

Official Statewide Adoptions

We celebrated official adoptions in California and in Florida towards the end of this year, which we are extremely excited about. We are now on the approved vendor lists in these two sunny states. This affords us even more opportunities to get to know many more of you dedicated teachers.

Meet Our President and CEO

Weekly news and notesteach to be happy wishes

I was happy this past month to be able to talk and have a Diet Coke or two with our president and CEO, Ed Rickers. Ed is tirelessly dedicated to his work in education and to your students. You can read about that conversation and get to know Ed a little better here.

Ed has an unmatched passion for education and student engagement. It is of course an honor for all of us here at Studies Weekly to know and work with him.

Let Us Hear from You

If you have any questions or feedback for us, please let us know. We truly enjoy getting to know our teachers, and look forward to learning from and about you. Keep tagging us in your social media posts so we can see what you’re doing! And as always, feel free to reach out to us anytime!