The Perfect Home Page Design

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We’ve written before about crafting the perfect blog post but your home page is arguably the most vital page of all. Your homepage is essentially your digital business card. A properly designed page, therefore, can mark the difference between a mediocre page and a page that can potentially acquire new customers and form new relationships down. The most important page of your entire website is the homepage. This is because this is the page that gets immediate attention and makes the first impression. Since your homepage is what matters most, you need to be careful when you are choosing the design and layout of your homepage. You need to know what will make your homepage most effective.

There is nothing like a home that has the feeling of being collected over time, of having a history, a sense of place and belonging, that idea that it has come from somewhere and has something to say.


At the same time, the ease of a new house is pretty hard to beat. (As people who have spent years redoing their fair share of old homes, we can vouch for this!)

The best of both worlds is that perfect combination of old and new, a feeling and sense of place with the updates and advantages that a new house can offer.

This gorgeous Atlanta home by designer Lauren DeLoach is the right combination of old and new, those touches of history that tell a story and that feeling that everything is fresh.

One of the biggest benefits of new construction is being able to create moments that feel like a family. Like these gorgeous ceilings in the kitchen.

We are all about bedding, and this bedding is absolute perfection! That neck roll is stunning.


Bathrooms are perhaps where we spend the most time agonizing–especially because we’re bath people! This one is a place we’d like to spend a lot of time!

Outdoor spaces are paramount to the way a home feels and lives.

The Perfect Home Page Designs

And this one, we think it’s safe to say, feels like paradise!

The Perfect Home Page Design

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The Perfect Home Page Design Ideas

INTERIOR DESIGN: Lauren DeLoach Interiors

ARCHITECTURE: Bradley Heppner Architecture

PHOTOGRAPHY: Emily Followill

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