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Territory Warspite Games To Play

There are many sniper shooting games online and here we showcase the very best of them. We have selected our sniper games based on their authenticity and most have photo-realistic imagery as well as a great atmosphere. Some of our sniper games are based on real events such as when Chechen militants stormed a Russian opera house or when the Japanese Imperial Army tried to storm the Marco Polo Bridge in China before WW2. Another realistic sniper game based on actual events reflects the Indonesian National Revolution that followed WW2 when Indonesia declared its independence from the colonial Dutch leading to years of sniper warfare in the countryside of Indonesia where the game is set. After you've played these online sniper games why not play our other online war games?

Storm Operation

Use your soldier sniper skills in the defence of your base that's under attack during a snow storm.
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Russian Sniper Game

Use your sniper skills as a member of the Russian Special Forces to take down militants in Chechnya
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Sniper Team

In one of the best sniper games online participate in modern warfare in a series of sniper war missions!
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Shooting Zone

In another of our sniper games help recapture territory overrun by terrorists in a number of combat situations.
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Warehouse Sniper

This sniper game set in a disused warehouse that has been over run by a terrorist organisation.
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3D Sniper Game

In another of our sniper games you are a terrorist sniper evading capture by the Russian Special Forces.
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Coast Attack

Use your sniper rifle to take down a terrorst cell that is running amok down the docks.
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Soldier Sniper

This sniper game is set in Asia after Indonesia declared independence from colonial Dutch rule
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Counter Snipe

In another of our online sniper games undertake a series of military combat missions during WW2.
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In this historically based first-person shooter, players take the role of a lone U.S. Airborne soldier who is dropped behind enemy lines. Using stealth tactics, the environment, and a selection of era-authentic weaponry that ranges from the Springfield M1903 rifle to bazookas and grenades, World War II Sniper players provide support for Allied troops in re-creations of battles in places such.

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