Storm Ops

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The game is very well done. However, the tutorial could explain the mass archers and catapults better. I have no idea how to work them. I could get to Day 21 with just my crossbow, but then the targets proved too overwhelming seeing as i didn't understand how to work the archers and catapult. I also found that it was better to hit the enemy archers early as they were driving the gate percentage down. but by Day 21 there were so many of them, I was missing the footsoldiers. I find the wagons and horses a distraction. Not sure what they are meant to be doing. More explanation in the tutorial of their purpose in the game would help. My aim with the bow improved... I was glad of that. I preferred the light crossbow with the bodkin as it could do everything without having to buy other equipment. All in all i would certainly recommend this game esp. if there was more explanation of the 'enemy' provided. I think the accuracy of the bow and crossbow is as good as it can be. I'm more used to rifle shooting with a scope, so I've been learning bow/crossbow as I go along. Thanks for this game, it is fun! (one final comment...there needs to be some way to make it full screen... I could barely see what i was aiming at or where the arrows/bolts were landing...). Thanks.

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Storm Ops is a free tower defense game. Your base is being attacked and it’s up to you, and you alone, to protect it in this first-person action game. All you have to do to win Storm Ops is survive 25 waves of enemies. Or at least, that’s when you get a medal proving just how awesome you are. Storm Ops 2, File Size: 9.24 Mb, Rating: 91.75% with 487 votes, Played: 37,735 times from August-1st-2011 Description: Choose your rifle and use your sniper skills to protect your base against endless waves of enemies. Storm Ops 2 by 3kggames. Defend your base, kill waves of enemies, buy weapons, hire specialists and earn medals. Game 12,233 Views (Ages 13+) Dirt of the Dead.

Storm Ops 2

Storm Ops 2: Desert Storm Aim your gun and time your shots just right to take down the enemies that are attempting to destroy your base. You will have to defend your base against riflemen, ATVs, trucks and unmanned aircraft.