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Fixes an issue with game freezes in the Multiplayer Lobby for both STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR™ and STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR™ Forces of Corruption. Fixes an issue when playing STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR™ Forces of Corruption on a 64-bit OS that has greater than 2GB of RAM. The Galactic Empire is the first faction in Empire At War, It is easier to play on for the first few sections of the Imperial Campaign or Galactic Conquest matches than the Rebel Alliance because its factions focus on damage, Every Imperial unit is stronger than every Rebel unit of the same class above the Easy difficulty, This isnt the case on Easy though.

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Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Alternately, press [Shift] + [Tab] to display the console window.

Result Cheat Code
Spawn Boba FettCHEAT_Empire_Spawn_Fett
Spawn Colonel VeersCHEAT_Empire_Spawn_Veers
Spawn Darth VaderCHEAT_Empire_Spawn_Vader
Spawn The EmperorCHEAT_Empire_Spawn_Emperor
Custom ship names

Note: This procedure involves editing game files; create a backup copy of the files before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the .txt files that correspond to ships in the 'lucasartsstar wars empire at wargamedatadata' directory. Examples of the files are 'acclamator_assault_ship.txt', 'alliance_assault_frigate.txt', 'broadside_class_cruiser.txt', etc. Open these files with a text editor and add a name. The name will eventually be created in game once the location in the list is reached.

Easy money

Conquer or capture all planets except for the mission planet. Then, fortify the planets around your mission planet. Next, set the game to fast forward and allow it to run. Check on it occasionally to make sure you have not been attacked. After awhile, check your cash flow. If you like it, resume normal play and complete the scenario. If not, just wait and let your money build.

Tips for Galactic Conquest mode with the Empire

Try to keep each planet that is in your control well defended in space and land with at least one level 2 or 3 space station and a Victory Class Star Destroyer. On the ground, have a barracks and a light factory. If possible, also build a shield generator and/or turbolaser towers. However, build these last as the bigger your base is, the more turbolaser towers you get.

Never leave a planet unguarded in space or on land. The Rebels can see every move you make, and can get past any blockade you may have set up with a small force. They will know at all times whether your planet is guarded or not and strike the moment you leave a planet venerable to attack on land or in space.

The Rebels tend to jump to hyperspace if there are transports in the battle. In space when the Rebels attack you and it looks like they have a large force against you and it appears hopeless, do not auto-resolve or give up. Usually their 'massive fleet' is mostly made of transports. Just destroy some ships for about twenty seconds and they will jump to hyperspace; even if their space station is not destroyed and they have a larger force, they will flee.

Send Boba Fett to the planet you are planning to invade first and alone. He can not only kill enemy heroes, but he will also reveal the space craft orbiting the planet. Just move the pointer over the ship(s) surrounding the planet and the droid above your mini-map will show what and how many ships are in their fleet, unless they have Luke Skywalker. If they have Luke Skywalker, you will not know what ships they have; just how many different types of ship. If you keep Boba Fett at the planet you are invading, he will assist you in space and land battles.

To get the Death Star, put a hero that gives you space discounts on the planet you wish to build it on. Then, build a research lab and a level 5 space station with all the upgrades. The Death Star will cost 20,000 credits. The Rebels will be alerted of your new construction as it is being built. Both sides will have a timer on their screen showing how long it will be before construction is complete. Not counting space battles, it is about six minutes. Note: The Death Star moves extremely slowly; if you are combining the Death Star and another fleet, move the fleet to the Death Star and not the other way around. When you destroy a planet, it will become an asteroid field. It will not only produce less credits for the faction who controls it, but if you leave the 'planet' with no spacecraft or space station, then it will become neutral and is free game for the Rebels to hide.

Complete all the missions given, because the items you get will help. If you wait awhile, you will get credits and Imperial Star Destroyers (started at tech level 4 for the Star Destroyers). Soon planets will start revolting slowly to your side. Build a Space Station and Barracks at the same time if you cannot keep ships at the planet or get them there. If a single enemy ship that would trigger combat enters the system, it will cancel the Space Station, however you will still have the Barracks which should be done quickly. Afterwards, keep upgrading the Space Station and build a Light Factory and two Storm Troopers for every AT-ST or TIE Mauler. However, make sure to build the Storm Troopers first.

Tips for Galactic Conquest mode with the Rebels

At the start of a new campaign, build lots of Mining Facilities on each planet. They can be sold later if desired. Have the droids steal Imperial technology immediately from the start. It is sufficient to build Factories, Barracks, etc. on only a few of planets to begin with, as forces can easily be moved to the desired location after they have been produced. Instead of having ground forces protecting your planets, concentrate on building a large fleet for each planet. Make sure your Space Station is upgraded to the maximum at all times. This should be sufficient to repel the Imperial fleet and thus prevent a ground assault altogether. You will also need to build a large separate attack fleet in order to conquer planets, as you cannot leave any of your planets unguarded at any time. Also, make sure Antilles' ship is included as his 'weaken enemy' special attack is extremely effective. Place all your ground forces into one huge army following your attack fleet around the galaxy, but never put them in the same fleet. A surprise attack could leave your transport ships facing a Star Destroyer. Make sure you have bomber squads in your fleet to allow for bombing raids on planetary battles. Bring the droids as well, as they do not affect the total number of units allowed, and their ability to repair units can be very useful if there are no building pads nearby. As soon as you have conquered a new planet, build a fleet to protect it. Do not remove your main fleet until the the planetary fleet is in place, or you will risk being attacked immediately. As the game progresses, the Imperial fleets will grow bigger; make sure your attack fleet and planetary defense fleets are up to strength, and do not forget to replace losses immediately after a battle.

Recommended Empire space fleet

You must build, to conquer space; buy as many Accumulator Assult Ships and Victory Star Destroyers as you can afford. It is also recommended that you get some Imperial Star Destroyers and possibly a Interdictor Star Destroyer. Once you have your space forces, focus on your infantry. You may need to wait for more income because of all the space forces, but when you get enough, buy some of the first two things you can (for example, Storm Troopers or Scout Troopers), then a few tanks. Note: This will also work for Galactic Conquest mode.

Recommended Rebel space fleet

Build at as many places as you can, X-Wings for space and Infantry Platoons or Plex Soldiers for land. Since X-Wings have such a high fire rate, they will kill enemies easily. When the space battle is over, take the ground with your forces. It may also help to have some T2-B Tank squadrons. With the Plex(s) as high defensive and your platoon(s) doing the rest, you should win quickly. Note: This will also work for Galactic Conquest mode.

You cannot go wrong with a Star Wars game and Star Wars Empire At War is one that I have had a lot of fun with over the years. It is a strategy-based game and it is one that may not be too in-depth with its overall game mechanics. However, it more than makes up with this in the case of the fun factor. It is a truly epic adventure that is sent in a galaxy far, far away. The game has picked up “steam” once again as it was re-released on Steam which has allowed a whole new generation of Star Wars fans to check this game out.

Pick The Right Side

You have two campaigns that you can play through. You can play as The Empire or as the Rebels. The setting of Star Wars Empire At War is the period of time between Episode III and Episode IV. A time period that I love in the Star Wars universe. Each side as you have probably guessed plays quite differently. This ranges from the story, the characters, and pretty much everything else.

Star Wars Empire At War Game Manual Code

The Empire missions pretty much revolve around you making sure the Death Star is getting made properly, of course oppressing the galaxy and keeping everyone in their place is also a goal. When you play as the Rebel side it feels like you have more variety to the missions that you will be doing. Taking out the Star Destroyer factory and the freeing of the Wookie planet are the most fun in my opinion. You take part in battles on land and in space and both are a lot of fun. You can even use iconic Star Wars characters to help swing the battle in your favor. Granted the gameplay is rather “simple” but it is also a great deal of fun.

Star Wars Empire At War Game Manual

Exploring The Star Wars Universe

The two different campaigns in Star Wars Empire At War are more than enough to make this game worth playing. Both of them are a decent length and very enjoyable if you are a Star Wars fan. However, you do have more gameplay modes for you to enjoy. There is a really cool mode called Galactic Conquest. This mode is like a “mini-campaign” where you have many different missions, each one with its own little story for you to complete. These were a ton of fun and so much that I wished there were more.

If you want to just jump straight into the action then you go into the skirmish mode. This is a straight to action kind of mode where you need to protect your own basis and taking down the enemy ones. I found this mode to be very relaxing. I know that sounds strange, but it is the kind of mode where you fire up the game, play a few rounds and you are done.

There is no shortage of Star Wars games out there, but I have always felt that Star Wars Empire At War offered something a little bit different. I know that as far as RTS style games go it is a tad on the simple side. However, I do feel that this is a great deal of fun and even more awesome if you are a big Star Wars fan. The presentation is showing its age a bit by today's standards. That though does not take away from what a fun experience the game is.


Final Score

Star Wars Empire At War Instruction Manual


  • I loved how the two campaigns felt very different
  • It just oozes Star Wars fan service
  • The game is very easy to figure out and not too complex
  • There are space and land battles
  • You can use characters like Darth Vader and Han Solo


  • The graphics have not aged all that gracefully
  • It may be a tad simple for RTS veterans
Overall rating: 8.5