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This is a head sports game which is a simplified version of football game. Before each game, you can choose your character and then customize its appearance and other features of the game like playground, weather, AI difficulty, match duration and etc. The rest is simple! How to play: -Use arrow keys to move and jump -Z to kick.

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  • Like that football is the famous sport among adolens, Big Head Soccer game is the most popular sports arcade flash game on the web! If you work in office you shoud fix your mind and sharp it. However head soccer is flash game, it should optimize your brain activity.
  • Kongregate free online game Sports Heads: Football Championship - We read your feedback, we took it all on board. People of Kongregate, here's Sports Heads Foot.
Sports head soccer

They say don't let success get to your head, but what if that's all there is of you? It is an existential dilemma for the main characters in these Sports Heads games, but that shouldn't deter you from trying out some fantastic and fun games here at

All sports basically boils down to a competition between two players. These sports heads games have broken things down to their essence and given you a few big-headed characters to choose from before getting your hands dirty trying to beat them. There is quite a bit of humour to be found in controlling caricatures of famous football or tennis players across the screen. Letting characters like Ronaldo or Lionel Messi jump, run and kick to your heart's desire. The defining visual feature of all these games are the ridiculously oversized heads. But if it was just a question of proportion, like in chibi style graphics, that would be one thing. But the developers went one step further and, for the most part, got rid of every other body part not needed to engage in the sport. So football players would be just a head and a foot, tennis players would just be a head and a racquet and hockey players just a head and a stick.

But as funny as those depictions are, the underlying sports heads game is still challenging, fun and engrossing. Try to beat all the opponents and grab the championship for yourself. Train dilligently and play well to be victorious!

Sports Head SoccergamefortSports Head Soccergamefort

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Sports Heads Football Game Description

Sports Head Soccergamefort

You can search in the internet of game online, that you like. In this game, has a game named a championship and you will play until 10 players, but this soccer game is the best game in the world. You can play with all people that you want to join this game and when you feel bored a home; you can try this online game of sports head soccer in the internet.

Some of games will be last in 60 seconds, it’s an enough time for you to get some scores of goals, but you should defend your gate to get more goals then your rival score. Actually, in the other games, you must get score at least seven or eight goals to win, but you must change the strategy in each opponent. If you lose a match you cannot continue the game, you can only to replay this game until you win and you can move with a further in the competition. While, you can get the cute and funny animation of game; you can get the instructions of how to play and ways like speed boost, increases jump, grow, breaks your legs, bombs and striker, shrink, small or big goals, bouncy balls, dull ball and ice the opponents or preventing movements.

Sports Head Soccer'

It’s easy for you if you want to play this game named Sports Heads Football with 2 players sport in the arcade of this game with a special league of 10 matches. You can play with move with the arrow button keys, jump with the up arrow button, and you can kick with the space bar or maybe if you feel difficult you can use mouse. So, you can start and join this game if you want to play. It’s very easy to play and you can get the battle soccer to practice. This game has many choices players and only head player in this game. However, you can play with your friends, with your brother or sister, or maybe you can play with your niece and nephew. Because is very funny and fun to play it.

Sports Head Soccer Garrison Games


Sports Head Soccer Game

When you play this game, your parents must to care and control the children. Because if the children play this game and see the other website, the parents can see and know it. The parents must watch what the children are doing in the bedroom and what they are doing also.