So Long Summer!

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The different blades of the Fan stand for different parts of the global system that can conceptually be separated from others. Examples are climate and climate change; freshwater bodies and freshwater losses, also in combination with established practices of freshwater management; or the global economy and its evolution in terms of GDP, but also material and energy inputs and outputs. They represent different parts of the global system because they consist of different physical parts (air, water, soil, etc.), but also because they contain different processes (physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere vs. processes of capital allocation in the global economy).

However, each of these blades interacts with some or even many other blades. Each blade may be seen as a sub-system of the global technical-economic-political-environmental system, and within the global system they are mutually dependent, often in feedback loops and multi-causal effects of several blades on a given blade.

So Long Summer!

In several cases, these interactions between the blades accelerate and intensify the critical developments in the individual blades and also in the global overall system. Therefore, the blades need to be seen and investigated in combination although it is convenient to separate them and address them in different scientific “silos”. One of the main goals of the Fan is to facilitate communication and collaboration across blades – so that a more comprehensive bigger picture emerges.

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