Snapchat For Businessa Primer For Beginners

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  2. Snapchat For Business Sa Primer For Beginners For Beginners
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I have been trying to catch up with my 8 year olds and the MC youtube tutorials are especially helpful. I would love a follow up to this post that concentrates on the pocket edition updates for iPad and family centric youtube tutorials that will help kids and parents out with the new iOS 9.0 version (apparently the pocket edition is now very similar to the PC version with many. How to Use Snapchat for Business: A Beginner’s Guide (Part One of Two). On September 21, 2016 November 16, 2016 By Bryony In Marketing Ideas A beginner’s guide to using Snapchat for business.

A successful social commerce strategy requires influencers, inspiration, reach, and social proof. The Blueprint shows how to boost social sales with the right mix of each.

Snapchat for business sa primer for beginners pdf

Snapchat use in the UK.

Want to build a meaningful relationship with your customers? Then why aren’t you using Snapchat? OK, so if you are already using Snapchat then that’s great, but you may still need some fresh ideas on how to use Snapchat for business.

Snapchat is set to be one of the biggest content marketing tools for 2017. According to a recent article with Snapchat chief strategy officer Imran Khan, Snapchat is growing fiercely here in the UK with 10m Brits using the app every day (, May 2016). And that’s not just the kids. According to Khan, over 70% of UK users are over 18.

Fast-forward to just over a month ago and along comes Instagram Stories, a copycat of Snapchat, available in the existing picture messaging Instagram app. If you haven’t used either Snapchat or Instagram Stories yet for your business, I suggest you continue on and then read this other blog post, ‘Will Instagram Stories Destroy Snapchat?’


What is Snapchat?

Snaps are pictures or videos, with or without audio.

Snapchat is basically a mobile phone app that uses your camera with added fun. People can take photos or videos and share them with a select few friends or their entire Snapchat friends list. Snapchat is the window looking in behind the scenes of your everyday life. It’s different from other social media channels as it encourages you to capture the moment and share real life situations as they happen. Whereas on Facebook and Instagram you might upload a select few posed photos a week after your holiday, with Snapchat you’re filming your cocktail being handed to you on arrival at the hotel and uploading it that very moment.

Snap lifespans are 24 hours maximum.

The basis of Snapchat is disposable content. It plays on the culture of FOMO (fear of missing out). If you don’t go on and watch your Snapchat feed from all your friends every day, you might just miss something hilarious, magical, outrageous or incredible. Because after 24 hours it disappears… forever! So it can easily become addictive to your friends (customers) if you are sharing engaging content. However, it can also just as easily become boring and irritating if your content is dry or repetitive.

Snapchat For Business Sa Primer For Beginners Language

Snapchat lets you add your stamp of personality.

Snapchat For Business Sa Primer For Beginners For Beginners

Again, to encourage daily usage, Snapchat filters update regularly. There are a few that stay permanently, (some that are due an update / being squashed in my opinion – the dog face, Snapchat?) but there is also at least one new one practically every day. Increasing annotation options with colours and text variations that you can resize or draw yourself directly on to your touch screen gives you freedom to add more messages. Plus, stickers of weird and wonderful illustrations can be added and can help to enhance your story.

Definitely try to be a lot more imaginative than this Snap, but at least you can see the edit features possible with Snapchat.


Why use Snapchat for business?

Maybe you use Snapchat personally, maybe you’ve never used it all or maybe you’ve never even heard of it. However, if you are a marketer or business owner and you’re not currently using it at all, then you are missing out on understanding where content marketing is today. It is the ultimate storytelling tool because it is so personal, realistic and current (almost real-time). Plus, it’s free! With Snapchat there’s no expensive video editing; its raw, disposable content.

Snapchat for business sa primer for beginners pdf

How to create a Snapchat marketing strategy.

First and foremost should come your strategy for using Snapchat. The most effective way of outlining a strategy is to reverse engineer it. So, start with your audience and work your way back. If you already know lots about your target customers then you’re winning. If you don’t then you will need to do research to create a customer profile. What does your customer love? What is your brand’s USP? And what are you trying to achieve? Your content must have a purpose and that purpose should help create your Snapchat community. Your community should return every day to feel close to your brand; because they are enjoying watching the story.

Snapchat For Business Sa Primer For Beginners Step By Step


Snapchat For Business Sa Primer For Beginners Pdf

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