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'This is what we are, and this is what you are.'

There are many things that magic can do in horror, and one of the most salientthings for After Sundown is that it allows supernatural creatures to do amazingthings. Universal powers are those that owe no special allegiance to any worldor cult. They require no magic words or special gestures. They are not 'spells'in any meaningful sense and one cannot muster a counterspell against them. Mostimportantly of all, they can be spontaneously developed. A character who has therequisite points can simply acquire a Universal Power without any access tospecial training or magical research books.

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'Look me in the eyes and tell me that again.'

Authority is the power to impress one's Will directly upon another. Authorityrequires eye contact to function, although only cursorily. A character who isclosing their eyes or wearing mirror shades cannot be controlled with Authority(unless the user has Will to Power). A character who is actively attempting toavoid seeing a potential dominator's eyes may be able to do so, depending uponthe actions in question. Activating Authority is generally an opposed test withthe target defending with Willpower. When a character is compelled to dosomething which is against their ideology (generally including followingsuicidal orders), they may spend an action dithering. They at this point lose anentire round of actions as they have their internal struggle, making anadditional resistance check to attempt to shake off the effects. If they againfail to resist the effects, they carry out the order even if it is somethingthey are ideologically opposed to. Most uses of Authority require instructionsto be given to the victim in a manner that they can comprehend. Usually thisrequires verbal orders to be given in a language they understand; but signlanguage, written directions, and even silent telepathic commands can suffice.Influences from a character with Basic Authority can be disrupted as if it werea Sorcery with a power source identical to the character using it. The demandsof a character with Advanced Authority require killing the user or Purify theMind to undo, and a character with Elder Authority has their powers persist evenafter they are dead.

Basic Authority

Command The character gives an instantaneous verbal command, which thevictim will follow to the best of their ability. The action itself must beessentially instantaneous, using up no more than a single complex action. If itis of an open ended nature such as 'lie down,' then the victim will spend onecomplex action doing it, and then they are free to do as they please and wonderwhy they did that. Using Command is a Complex action, and requires a successfulopposed test using either Willpower + Intimidation or Logic + Persuasion againstWillpower test.

Mesmerism The character can hypnotize a victim, allowing them to giveextended commands that will be obeyed. Commands must be stressed and repeated,with each major instruction taking approximately a minute to convey. During theperiod of hypnotism, the victim stands there like an obviously hypnotized drone,but behaves seemingly normally when they go off to carry out their instructions.Any sudden sensory stimulation (such as a nearby gunshot or someone shaking thevictim) during the Mesmerism breaks the spell. Using Mesmerism is an opposed,extended test pitting the character's Logic + Persuasion or Willpower +Intimidation against the target's Willpower. The expected time to bring someoneunder Mesmerism so that instructions can begin is one minute.

Suggestion The character can offer a suggestion that the victim will thenimmediately themselves suggest as if it were their own idea. Whether this ideais followed up upon or discarded as 'a bad idea' depends entirely upon how theyfeel about the idea once they've said it to themselves. The immediate victimdoes not remember being fed the suggestion in the first place, but the scene maylook odd to onlookers. Using a Suggestion is a Simple Action and requires anopposed Logic + Tactics or Willpower + Expression vs. Willpower test.

Advanced Authority

Cloud Memory Cloud Memory allows the character to erase or alter thememories of a victim. A single use of Cloud Memory can alter about 5 minutes ofmemory, but net hits increase the time frame. Using Cloud Memory is a Complexaction, and requires a successful opposed Willpower + Expression or Logic +Artisan against Willpower test. A Luminary who is presented with proof thattheir memories are incorrect may spend an Edge to remember. Extras just have toresolve those discrepancies somehow.


Conditioning Using extended mind controlling techniques, a victim's will isbroken and they are transformed into a servant of the character's. Breakingsomeone's mind in this manner is an extended task that has an expected timeframe of 1 day per point of the victim's Willpower, with a dicepool of Willpower

  • Intimidation or Logic + Tactics. Conditioning is Hard and has a threshold of
  1. Conditioning supernatural creatures with higher Potencies than the coditioneris even more difficult, and the difference is added to the threshold in thatcase. Once a victim has been thralled, they follow all orders their new mastergives them as if they had been imparted with the force of a successfulMesmerism. At the time of conditioning, the character may choose to alter theideologies and demeanor of their victim (this is often done to make the givingof orders that would be against the original nature easier to do). UsingConditioning requires an Edge, and it fails if the process is interrupted longenough that it is not continued between when the sun rises or sets and the nexttime it sets or rises.

Elder Authority

Possession Using Possession, the character can transfer their mind andspirit into the body of another. While the character is possessing a victim,their original body is inert and vulnerable, but they have full control of theother's body. They use the victim's Strength and Agility, but their own Social,Mental, and Special attributes as well as their own skills. They may use theirown Powers in the body of another, and cannot activate any of the victim'sPowers (but these disciplines do not necessarily turn off in the case of powerswith ongoing effects). Activating Possession is a Complex action, and requires asuccessful opposed Willpower + Empathy or Logic + Persuasion against Willpowertest. The character returns to their own body as soon as the sun rises or sets,the body they are in is knocked unconscious, their Possession power issuppressed by any means, or they spend a Complex Action to return to their ownbody. The character can only actually be in one body at a time.

Mob Mind A character with Mob Mind may affect a number of characters withtheir Authority powers simultaneously. The character's dicepool is reduced by 1for every doubling of the number of victims. Note that while the character canattack more than target, there's still only one of them, so if they try topossess multiple targets they can still only end up in one body. The characterdoes not need to maintain eye contact with every target, but must make eyecontact at least transiently with every target during the 12 second round thatthe power is activated in (unless they have Will To Power).


There she goes again.

Celerity is the power to move with the astonishing speed of the supernatural.Celerity must be consciously activated at a cost of three power points, and itseffects last for one scene. Distinct from other Powers, the effects of Celerityare cumulative. The discipline as a whole is activated or not during a scene,and may be activated as a Reflexive Action while rolling initiative. Whenactivated, the character gains a +2 bonus to Initiative tests. With AdvancedCelerity this bonus increases to +4, and with Elder Celerity this bonusincreases to +8. During the initiative phase, a character with Celerity maychoose to reduce the speed that they will move at to a more normal velocity. Thedegree of speed utilized cannot be changed again until next initiative phase. Ingeneral, a character whose Celerity more than doubles their speed in anydimension would constitute a breach of the Vow of Silence.

Basic Celerity

Quickness While Celerity is active, the character gains an extra initiativepass during any confrontation turn.

Nimble Feet While Celerity is active, the character is able to walk and runat stupendous speeds. The character's personal movement rate is quadrupled. Ifthe character has Advanced Celerity, the speed increase is itself increased tosix times. If the character has Elder Celerity the movement increase is eighttimes. In addition, the character ignores penalties for acting while moving overdifficult surfaces (although they may be slowed down by them as normal).

Advanced Celerity

Alacrity While Celerity is active, the character gains an extra initiativepass during any confrontation turn. This is cumulative with Quickness (for atotal of 2 extra IPs if both are known).

Quicken Sight While Celerity is active, the character may perceive andderive meaning from fast moving objects. They may follow a specific card in ashuffled deck, read a sign on a fast moving train, or gauge the trajectories ofbullets in flight. They gain a +4 bonus to Dodge Tests, and negates any bonusesopponents would glean from multiple attacks during an Initiative Pass. If theyhave Elder Celerity, the bonus increases to 6 dice.

Elder Celerity

Blur While Celerity is active, the character gains an extra initiative passduring any confrontation turn. This is cumulative with Alacrity and Quickness(for a total of 3 extra IPs if all are known).

Rapid Thought While Celerity is active, the character is able to considertheir situation and their surroundings carefully as if they had little or notime pressures. All penalties for splitting one's attentions between two or moreactivities (such as wielding two pistols or picking a lock while dangling from arope) are canceled. The character ignores all penalties for a 'rushed job.' Andfinally, the character always wins initiative against enemies, and must rollonly if another character also has Rapid Thought.


'I have the power!'

Clout is the power to draw upon the great strength of the supernatural in orderto perform feats of literal strength. Those who can draw upon their magicalpower to augment their physical prowess in this manner find themselves becomingstronger even without drawing directly upon their magical might. A characterwith Clout gains a +1 bonus to their Strength score. If they have Advanced Cloutthe bonus increases to +2, and if they have Elder Clout the bonus increases to+3. Clout is an odd case as regards the Vow of Silence because while it isaccompanied by no flaming runes or crawling shadows, demonstrations ofincredible strength strain credibility and perhaps worse they draw commentsfrom observers.

Basic Clout

Clinging The character can hold themselves onto vertical surfaces and evenceilings for extended periods of time without special equipment or apparenteffort. They can easily move up or down sheer surfaces at the rate of a steadywalk, and scuttle across ceilings at the rate of a careful walk without dangeror exertion. When such a character attempts to pull Wuxia or Spiderman inspiredstunts involving running on walls or brachiating over a crowd they find thismuch easier, because they can support their weight merely by putting a handagainst a wall. For practical purposes, this means that such stunts are muchless extreme for them than they appear to outsiders. The thresholds aregenerally reduced by 2 (a crazy extreme stunt would be merely a professionalstunt from their perspective).

Vigor The character may spend a power point as a Free Action to increasetheir Strength by 1 for the remainder of the scene. This may be activated morethan once, and its effects stack. While using Vigor itself has no visibleeffects, the use of vastly increased strength may be obviously unnatural toonlookers. The maximum number of power points a character can spend in a sceneon Vigor is three plus their Potency.

Advanced Clout

Devastation The character's Strength can emanate from many places at oncealong an object being touched, allowing them to lift very large, awkward andeven fragile things without issue. It also allows them to have a blow from theirhand or foot repeated many times across a wall or floor, causing it to shatter(which is where the power gets its name). This kind of contact telekinesis isbest represented in super hero comics - where characters routinely lift cars bythe ends without parts falling off or the ground underneath them giving way. Thesource of force can be directed out across a distance of 2 meters per Potency,and the character can effectively lift or smash something that they couldaccomplish with 5 identical friends. With Elder Clout, the number of identicalfriends increases to 9. When used as an attack, the character can strikemultiple enemies in close combat without penalty or attack a single opponent asif they outnumbered them. A character with Devastation can use any weapon theycan use at all in one hand with no penalty.

Giant Size The character can grow extremely large. By spending four powerpoints and a Complex Action, they can expand to a muscular 3.5 meters in height.This is a Protean power. While in Giant Size, the character has an additional 6points of Strength, they gain a point of armor, and the base damage of anyweapon they use increases by 2 (assuming that it is allowed to grow with them).All of the things that a character wants to grow along with them grow along withthem while they are being carried by them, and anything they aren't carrying orthat they wish to leave normal size stays normal size. Some creatures have GiantSize permanently on, and they don't have to pay power points for it (but theycan't turn it off and objects do not resize in their hands).

Elder Clout

Run 3clout Games

Earth Quake By spending three power points, the character can do somethingstupidly powerful (and generally destructive) with their Strength. A blowreverberates across the ground like a meteor strike, shaking and crushing thingsout to up to a hundred meters per Potency from their person. A creature orobject struck with the full force of ground zero of this strike is likelyobliterated - the melee attack at the center of this is a formidable (evenludicrous) Damage 12. The character can attempt to restrict the power into doingsomething useful such as boring out a tunnel, stacking logs, or hurling debrisout of a collapsed building. This kind of Popeye-like activity uses an Agility +Athletics or Logic + Rigging test to determine its accuracy.

Force Field The character can project force some distance away from theirperson. This allows them to stop bullets aimed at compatriots, strangle peoplefrom a distance, and even hover by 'holding themselves up.' Their Strength canbe projected reflexively out to 3 meters from their person, and any attacks thattarget someone or something within or through that area may get blocked by theforce field - meaning that they have to contend with being soaked by thecharacter's Strength before being resolved (yes, this means that the charactercan effectively use their Strength twice when soaking bullets fired at theirown person). Their Strength can be used actively as a normal action on thingswithin line of sight. Force Field can be disrupted as if it were a Sorcery witha power source identical to the character using it. The Force Field has anequivalent of 3 hits for this purpose.


'You see what you want to see. You hear what you want to hear.'

Discernment is the power to have unusual and enhanced senses. A character withDiscernment can perceive what others cannot. A character with Discernment gainsa +2 bonus on Perception tests. This bonus increases to +4 if they have AdvancedDiscernment, and +6 if they have Elder Discernment.

Basic Discernment

Supernatural Senses A character with supernatural senses can enhance theirperceptions well beyond human norms. Vision can become telescopic or evenfunction in total darkness; hearing can become acute enough to hear heart beats;smell can become powerful enough to track at a brisk walk; and so on. Bringingone's senses into the realm of magical badassery also makes one vulnerable tointense sensory input. Bright lights can blind, strong smells can overpower, andloud noises can deafen. While a sense is enhanced, the threshold to resistoverstimulation is increased by 2. Activating or deactivating SupernaturalSenses is a Free Action.

Aura Perception A character using Aura perception can bleed theirperceptions into other worlds and see magical forces and beings in other worlds.Activating or deactivating Aura Perception is a Simple Action. While active, acharacter can perceive creatures in the Shallows of one otherworld (chosen whenthe power is activated) if they are currently in the Mortal World. If they arein the Deeps or Shallows of another world, activating Aura Perception will allowthe character to detect creatures in the other version of that same world. Acharacter with active Aura Perception can also see clear halos around activeSorceries, supernatural creatures, magic items, and Luminaries (this propertymay even be why Luminaries are called that). A character can attempt to identifythe type of a supernatural creature, magic item, or sorcery with an Intuition +Empathy or Logic + Research test, with a threshold of 5 minus the Potency ofthe target (or the creator of the target). Soul Mask changes what is seen withAura Perception.

Sensory Damper A character with sensory damper is protected from harmfulstimuli such as glare, pepper spray, and loud noises. They are able to dial downtheir sensations to the point of unobtrusiveness. This can be effectivelyinstantaneous in the case of bright flashes, and highly selective in the case offiltering out noise while listening to a conversation across the room. Such acharacter can stay conscious regardless of wound level (ignoring pain sufficientto knock them out), but it does not affect wound penalties at all.

Advanced Discernment

Psychometry Psychometry allows a character to view past events by touchingand concentrating upon items or people that were involved in those events. Theevent in question must be described (although that description may well beentirely conversational such as 'What happened here?' - in the case of a brutalcrime scene, the context makes that description sufficient), and must have takenplace within the last month. Dicepool for Psychometry is Logic + Research orIntuition + Empathy. Using Psychometry requires one power point, and theexpected amount of time is one minute. Seeing farther back into time can be doneby increasing the expected amount of time by one step and increasing the cost by1 power point for each time increment the viewing window is increased.

Telepathy A character with Telepathy can communicate mentally with peoplewithin line of sight. Voluntary telepathic messages can also be sent andreceived between people the character knows the name of and who they havetouched (regardless of line of sight) so long as they are within a number ofkilometers equal to the character's Potency. The contents of an unwilling mindcan be read, but only with physical contact and difficulty. Telepathy is alwayson, but mind reading is a Resisted Extended Action. Mind reading uses eitherWillpower + Intimidation or Intuition + Empathy versus Willpower. If the targetunderstands telepathy and takes effort to obscure details and engages in counterthought, they can use Willpower + Intimidation or Intuition + a relevantBackground for resistance. Telepathy is covert except to someone receiving atelepathic communication.

Net Hits Thought is...
1 On the surface
2 Important
3 Unimportant to the target
5 Something the target does not know they know.
Base Time Thought is...
1 minute A simple fact.
5 minutes A mental image.
20 minutes A short narrative.
1 hour An involved explanation.
5 hours The whole story.
1 day Their life story.

Elder Discernment

Divination Divination allows a character to ask questions about reality andthe future and get actual (if often vague and cryptic) answers. Using Divinationtakes an hour and costs one Edge. The Dicepool is either Logic + Research orCharisma + Bureaucracy. Divination can be disrupted as if it were a Sorcery witha power source identical to the character using it.

Dimensional Translocation Activating Dimensional Translocation sends acharacter and everything they are carrying into the Shallows of another world oftheir choice (Limbo, Maya, or Mictlan). The character can also return to thematerial world using this ability, but only from the point they last entered theother world. Crossing either way requires a Complex Action and a power point.Dimensional Translocation can be disrupted as if it were a Sorcery with a powersource identical to the character using it. It requires 3 hits to counter.


Endure. And in enduring, grow strong.

Fortitude is the power to resist destruction. Some powers of Fortitude arecontinuously in operation, while others must be activated with power points.What makes Fortitude special is that it does not require the active choice toactivate it. A character may activate their Fortitude powers passively whileunconscious, or in some cases even while dead. A character with Fortitude isgenerally resilient even when their powers are not being activated, gaining abonus on physical Resistance rolls of +2 dice. If they have Advanced Fortitudethis bonus increases to +4, and if they have Elder Fortitude it increases to +6.

Basic Fortitude

Patience of the Mountains The character does not need to eat, drink, orbreathe. They persist night after night as the mountains and valleys do. Neveraging or decaying. Such a character can hold any position no matter how awkwardwithout cramping or moving. They are immune to poison. This ability iscontinuous. The character is still able to learn and change, and indeedLeviathan classically become substantially less human as time moves on.

Revive the Flesh The character can heal their wounds by drawing upon theirmagical power. By spending a power point, the character's wounds suturethemselves, restoring their body to its original condition without mark or scar.Each power point heals one box of Lethal or two boxes of Normal damage. Woundshealed in this manner are gone in one round. Any wounds short of death can behealed in this manner. Aggravated damage is harder to heal, and takes two powerpoints and an hour per box.

Advanced Fortitude

Restoration Death is no longer an insurmountable obstacle. While thecharacter is dead, they may spend 2 power points plus an additional power pointper point of Potency they possess and four hours to reduce the amount of damageon themselves to one less than Lethal. Restoration cannot be performed when thecharacter's body has been impaled with something that inflicts aggravated damageor there is gross separation of the head and heart until it is removed andsomeone else invests power into the reassembled corpse. If the character staysdead for a whole month, any remaining power points they have are lost and theydo not gain power points with their normal power schedule (even if that scheduleis continuous). If the character lacks the power points to use this discipline,they may yet get a chance if the vast majority of their body is placed togetherand invested with sufficient Power by others (for example: with Gift of Health).Restoration can be disrupted as if it were a Sorcery with a power sourceidentical to the character using it. For purposes of being countered,Restoration has the equivalent of 3 hits.

Indomitability Wounds do not hamper the character. The character suffers nowound penalties, does not go unconscious from injury before they die, and is notaffected by the Incapacitated status at all. If you have a Terminal wound you'llstill bleed out, and you can still be killed outright by Death Thresholdoverflow, but you'll be conscious and able to act while that's all happening.The character is also capable of straining themselves severely withoutnoticeable effect: they can carry home anything they can lift. This disciplineis passive and usually covert.

Elder Fortitude

Endless Persistence By spending an Edge, the character becomes literallyinvulnerable for a brief period of time. For one round per Potency, thecharacter ignores all damage, whether aggravated or not. This discipline can beactivated reactively when damage would be sustained.

Skin of Night This passive discipline converts all aggravated damage tolethal damage and damage that would normally be lethal to normal damage.


Alright everyone! Let's hear it... for me!

Magnetism is the power to affect others with the otherworldly charisma of thesupernatural, either to attract or repel. Characters with Magnetism areespecially adept at making an impression and getting people to like or fearthem, and gain a +1 bonus on all Socialization tests based on Charisma orWillpower. At Advanced, this bonus increases to +2, and at Elder it increases to+3. A character using Magnetism makes a large impression, and anyone askingabout them later will get a similar bonus to any Socialization tests to find outinformation about them.

Run 3clout Games Game

Basic Magnetism

Attract The character can 'turn on the charm' and grab someone's undividedattention. The character makes a Willpower + Expression or Charisma + Tacticstest, and the number of hits determine how many peoples' attention can be sograbbed. Activating Attract takes a Complex Action and lasts for an entirescene. Attract does not guaranty that someone will agree with you, nor does itguaranty that they will sleep with you. But it does guaranty that the targetwill not ignore you or discount the importance of what you say. Attractedonlookers do not actively resist the next Adjacent attack if it comes fromanyone else (meaning th threshold to hit them is zero).

Repel The character can become extremely frightening and intimidating,inspiring fear and shame in onlookers. Using the Repel is a Simple Action andrequires a Willpower + Intimidation or Strength + Tactics check opposed by thevictim's Willpower or Strength. An affected victim runs away or cowers in terrorfor at least a number of rounds equal to the net hits. Thereafter, an affectedvictim is shaken up for the remainder of the scene and suffers a -2 die moralepenalty on actions. Repel can be disrupted as if it were a Sorcery with a powersource identical to the character using it.

Advanced Magnetism

Run 3 Clout Games Online

Dismissal The character can wrap themselves in the air of unapproachability,making aggression against them or even refusal of their demands almostunthinkable. By spending three power points, the character's dismissive demeanortakes hold until the end of the scene. The character makes a Charisma + Tacticsor Willpower + Intimidation check, and anyone who wishes to summon the nerve toact against them must generate an equal number of hits on a Willpower +Intimidation or Willpower + Survival test. Failure to do so results in a roundlost to dithering. The character's orders are also extremely likely to be obeyed(especially if they involve moving away from the issuer), and the hits are addedas a bonus dicepool on any Intimidation or Tactics tests to command or demand.

Summons The character can send a brief telepathic message (no longer than atwitter post) to someone whose name they know so long as that person is in thesame world and no more than 10 kilometers away per point of the character'sPotency. The target can then send back a brief reply. If the character sochooses, they may also demand the presence of the target by making an opposedCharisma + Bureaucracy or Charisma + Empathy vs. the target's Logic. Ifsuccessful, the target becomes aware of where the character basically is, andmust attempt to figure out how to get there themselves. This compulsion lastsuntil the next time the sun rises or sets. Issuing a Summons (whether or not thecompulsion for a personal appearance is added) costs two power points andrequires a Complex Action. A Summons can be disrupted as if it were a Sorcerywith a power source identical to the character using it. The disruption can beleveled at the summoning character or the target.

Run 3clout Games

Elder Magnetism

Depolarize The character can reduce those who hear their words to frothinglunacy. The character spends four power points and begins speaking. With anexpected time of 10 minutes and a Threshold equal to each potential target'sWillpower, a listening victim becomes a raving fanatic, their Willpower reducedto zero until the sun next rises or sets. Depolarize carries as far as thecharacter's voice does, even over telephones or television broadcasts.Depolarize uses Charisma + Persuasion or Charisma + Bureaucracy. Additional hitsreduce the required timeframe to format minds.

Siren Song The weak willed are drawn to the character like moths to flame.By spending seven power points, the character can let out a song that instills acompulsion in everyone within a radius up to one kilometer per Potency to cometo where the character is. Dangers are ignored, and tasks previously engaged inare abandoned. The character makes a Willpower + Expression or Charisma +Persuasion test, and the threshold to affect any target is its Willpower. TheSiren Song can be disrupted as if it were a Sorcery with a power sourceidentical to the character using it, but a handful of salt (or whatever) freesjust one victim.


...Now you don't.

Veil is the ability to draw upon one's magical nature to hide things from view.Veil does not affect cameras or other objective traces of a creature's passing,merely prevents observers (even indirect observers) from noticing what isthere. Normally, Veil can only take effect while the target is not beingobserved. If observation is continuous, the observers will not see any change.Onlookers do not normally have any say in what they see as presented to them byVeil any more than they have any choice to not see things that are actuallythere. Characters who have Discernment powers active or who carefully search thearea that the character is in have a chance to perceive through it by making anIntuition + Perception test against the number of hits made to activate thepower. Anything a character covered by Veil carries is likewise covered by Veiland anything that the character stops carrying will cease being covered by Veil.An onlooker who notices an object pass into or out of Veil pierces the Veilaltogether. Veil is inherently multisensory, onlookers are just as fooled ifthey close their eyes and listen or try to smell the character as they arerelying entirely on their eyes.


Basic Veil

Hide From Notice While active, the character is not noticed so long as theydon't do anything incredibly obvious to give themselves away. Activating HideFrom Notice is a Simple Action and requires an Agility + Stealth or Intuition +Survival test. Hide From Notice can be disrupted as if it were a Sorcery with apower source identical to the character using it.

Mask of a Thousand Faces While active, those who meet the character willtreat them as if they were a different person. The character may choose theappearance (including clothing and carried items) freely, but taking any actionthat would be impossible for the facade allows onlookers to see through theillusion. For example, if a character uses the Mask to appear as a person whohad no gun and then fires their gun, people would see them as they really are.Activating Mask of a Thousand Faces is a Simple Action and requires an Agility +Stealth or Charisma + Larceny test. Mask of a Thousand Faces can be disrupted asif it were a Sorcery with a power source identical to the character using it.

Advanced Veil

Lost and Found By spending a power point, a carried object can continuebeing covered by Veil after it leaves physical contact with the character. Thecharacter makes an Agility + Stealth or Intuition + Larceny test and the Veilremains affecting the object for an hour (time frame increases with additionalhits). Lost and Found can be disrupted as if it were a Sorcery with a powersource identical to the character using it.

Hide in Plain Sight By spending a power point, the character may activateother powers of Veil while being observed. All onlookers are entitled to aresistance check as if they had been carefully searching the area, but if theyfail to notice the discrepancy, their mind will fill in vague details thatexcuse the character's disappearance.

Elder Veil

Run 3 clout games online

Host the Masquerade A character with Host the Masquerade can allow theirVeil powers to be used by others, so long as they stay within 20 meters perpoint of Potency of the character. Characters so veiled and veiling can stillperceive each other in the same way that a self-veiled character can seethemselves.

Fictional Self A character with Fictional Self can fool even magicaldetection. Making a successful Charisma + Stealth or Intuition + Medicine test,Fictional Self character can appear to feel, think, or be whatever they wantothers to perceive under mechanical or magical investigation (such as a liedetector or aura reading) unless the investigator gets more hits activatingtheir power or device. Changing one's Fictional Self is a Complex action thatcosts a power point, but continuing to have fake thoughts and emotions pass thatare consistent with one's false existence requires no action at all.


Paroles: Movie Knights

All these flavours, I turn the block into LA
When it's time to ride out, there ain't no hoppin' out like Trey, uh
Went from goin' halves on a D to flippin' keys
From a City of God's, I come like Lil' Zé
I was bullying the block like I'm D Bo
They're wifing bitches like Ginger from Casino
My plug's got a private jet when I order snow
So I ain't lyin' when I say I know George from blow
So tell me, how can I quit the game?
Feel like Frank Lucas when his first shipment came
This week's the BRIT awards but I really can't go
Cah me and Bunz is like Chris and Marlowe
Cop my mum a house now I'm out of the game
And the garden got a little summerhouse, lightly shade
Used to treat my home like a chemist
Sleepin' with 'caine like Jada Pinkett and don't be a menace, uh
I come like Nino if he didn't snitch
It's fucked up what Rico did to Mitch (Fucked up)
I was the man when I was seventeen
I feel like Pablo out in Medellin
I'm in and out the country all the time
But I still run the hood like Bunny Johnson in his prime
And even when I quit the game, I'm still a shotter like Mad Max, Biggs and Wayne
They threw me in jail just for shottin' weed
Still had the wing shook like Chopper Reid
My nigga Midgy's never been to prison
I'm like Lucky Luciano, I'm the head of the commission, uh
I really sell packs, fuck this rap shit
Get your diamonds snatched like Brad Pitt
Me and Wacky fly around the world just to shop
So like that nigga Capone, I third world cop
I'm New Jersey, drivin' a car chase
Man will let off more shots than the last scene in Scarface
Opps talkin' tough but I'm the nigga that they avoid
I ain't tryna do life like [?]
I got yay, weed, anything that they need
Fam, I'm in too deep, I come like Jay Reid
We hit a move, now the hood's jealous
But Nina got a cut like Paulie in Goodfellas
Coulda lost hope, all this fucked up shit I seen
But there's light at the end of the tunnel like Wakeema
Guess I'm like Franklin over that stove top
Really bought ice creams for my whole block
So holler if you need that straight drop
One ate the block like beans and steak [?]
The whole world's gone crazy, I can't live here
Probably move back to Africa like Sensei
Picture me in the Benz
Feel like VO anywhere, went to Sicily for revenge
I don't like the San Andreas map, I turn your whole block purple
And I'll rob your crop like me and Queen's in crop circle
It's Nines