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Our travels and photography continues, but our writing did not keep up. We’ve decided to publish our photography with a minimal of commentary for your enjoyment. The “Lost Galleries” series continue with our time in Tuscany, Basilicata, and Pulgia, Italy.

Run 2: Run, skate, and jump through tracks in outer space! It's not only making you run out of boredom but making you run to have fun and the funny and thrill are the ones that doesn't end in Run 2 game.

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  • After the success of Run, here is another sequel of the game that has shot up to popularity regardless of its newness. Start the game by picking the character of your choice. Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to jump. Various useful items should be collected while falls and crashes should be avoided.
  • Run 2 is the sequel of the popular distance game made by Joseph Cloutier. Run, jump, switch gravity, ignore the laws of physics and try to run as far as possible. Controls: Arrows = Left/Right, Spacebar = Jump. Now available Run 3 is the latest installment of the fast-paced distance game. Share them with your friends!

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If you like this post and the photos, you will be interested to know that Neeley is teaching a photography workshop this September in Puglia, Italy. We will be visiting many of the same locations during the workshop, including Matera, Alberobello, Gallipoli, and Lecce. Check out more information here.

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