Quicken For Mac 2015 Manual

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  1. Quicken For Mac 2007 Manual published for specialty parts as well as a constrained viewers, intended to become read only by smaller and devoted fascination teams. This free book web-site is really basic to employ, but it's possible too uncomplicated. The research box is de facto basic and the only real other way to search out books is.
  2. Available in Quicken for Mac 2015). If you do not use Quicken to make bill payments, skip that Task. Documentation and Procedures Task 1: Conversion Preparation 1. Backup your data file. For instructions to back up your data file, choose Help menu Search. Search for Backing Up, select “Backing up data files”, and follow the instructions. Download the latest Quicken Update.
  3. Quicken - like almost every other software company - no longer produces a manual for the software. For those who would consult a manual, it would be incredibly useful, undoubtedly.
  4. Have used Quicken for over 20 years and like to have a current manual on hand for reference. Have looked high and low for a newer Quicken manual and was unsuccessful. Found the manual on Amazon and did not hesitate to order. Have only skimmed the book since it arrived and appears to be a good reference book for Quicken for Windows.

Quicken For Mac 2015 User Manual

Quicken 2015 makes life easier for individuals and investors (including especially real estate investors and small-business owners). But that doesn’t mean you want to spend any more time working with each whistle and bell in Quicken 2015 or reading more about the software program than you have to. Here are quick summaries of stuff you can do and information you can employ to make using the world’s most popular financial record-keeping tool easier and more profitable.

Quicken For Mac Personal Finance & Budgeting Software 2015 Old Version by Intuit. 3.8 out of 5 stars 2,210.

Windows Tricks for Quicken 2015 Users


Quicken “plays” well with Windows. Accordingly, you can use a handful of standard Windows tricks to make your use of Quicken financial recording program easier — and faster.

  • To move quickly to list box entries that begin with a particular letter, press the letter.

  • To select a list box entry and choose a dialog box’s suggested command button, double-click the entry.

  • To move the insertion bar to the beginning of a field, press Home.

  • To move the insertion bar to the end of a field, press End.

  • To close a window or dialog box, click its Close button in the upper-right corner. (The Close button is the little box with an X in it.)

  • To minimize a window, which shrinks it to a tiny picture, Windows users need to click the first button in the upper-right corner — the one that looks like an underline. (Windows then places the minimized program on the taskbar.)

  • To maximize the Quicken desktop so that it fills the entire monitor screen, click the middle button in the upper-right corner of the application window if the button shows one window. If the middle button shows two windows, the desktop is already maximized. For previous Windows versions, click the up arrow in the application’s upper-right window.

  • To do a Help yelp, press the F1 key. This key works just about anywhere. Don’t press it in a crowded theater, though.

  • To start another application in Windows, click the Start button.

  • To switch to another application, click its button on the taskbar.

  • To change any document’s window size, position the mouse pointer on the window border and then click and drag the border. (If you can’t see the border because the window’s been maximized, click the middle button — with the two windows in it — in the upper-right corner.)

Cool Date-Editing Tricks for Quicken 2015

Within the Quicken accounting program (and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Quicken Starter Edition, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, Quicken Home & Business, or Quicken Rental Property Manager), you enter dates again and again: the date you write a check, the date you record a deposit, the date you reconcile an account, the date you receive a dividend on some investment, and so on.

Fortunately, you can use several very cool, extremely handy date-editing tricks. Specifically, if the selection cursor is in a Date field, you can do these things:

Press This KeyWhat Happens
+Adds one day to the date shown.
Subtracts one day from the date shown.
tChanges the date to today’s date. You can remember this
because t is the first letter in today.
yChanges the date to the first date in the year. Note that
y is the first letter in year.
rChanges the date to the last date in the year. Note that
r is the last letter in year.
mChanges the date to the first date in the month. Just to salve
my compulsive personality, allow me to point out that m is
the first letter in month.
hChanges the date to the last date in the month. Okay, last time
I’ll provide a memory tool: Note that h is the last
letter in month.

4 Tasks Every Quicken 2015 User Should Perform

Working with a richly featured, mature financial record-keeping software program like Quicken 2015 can present a bit of a challenge. The Quicken software just does so much. Here are four tasks that every Quicken user should perform on a regular basis:

  • Set up Quicken bank accounts for all your checking, savings, and money market accounts — and then use the Quicken software to carefully track the money that flows into and out of these accounts. Maintaining even just this simple cash accounting system lets you more easily monitor your finances, budget for the future, and identify money-saving tax deductions.

    Just one quick aside for small businesses and rental property investors: The Home & Business and Rental Manager versions of Quicken let you easily set up and run simple cash-based accounting systems for a home-based business and for real estate investments. Use these great tools if you’re a real estate investor or business owner!

  • Use the Retirement Calculator to estimate when and how you can retire. Especially with the financial meltdown in the past decade, people need to get more proactive both about saving for and planning for retirement.

    To use the Retirement Calculator, display the Planning tab, click the Planning Tools button, and choose the Retirement Calculator command. Here’s a free financial planning tip: Invest some time in figuring out how to really economize on your investment-related costs, because these costs (mutual fund expense ratios, financial advisory fees, trading costs, and so on) can eat away at your profits in a fashion that most amateur investors don’t understand.

  • Create a category list that makes tracking your spending and tax deductions easy. Within Quicken, you organize your financial information using income and deductions categories. Any stream of income you want to separately track or monitor, for example, requires its own category. And any expense that you want to regularly tally — perhaps the expense represents a tax deduction — also requires its own category. You can set up categories by choosing Tools→Category List.

  • Balance bank accounts each month with only a few minutes of effort by clicking the Actions button and then choosing the Reconcile command. (The Actions button appears in the upper-right corner of the Quicken window whenever a bank register shows.) Reconciling a bank account lets you catch and correct bookkeeping errors with your accounting records.

Quicken For Mac 2015

Quicken 2015 Shortcuts That Save You Time

Want to save time working with the Quicken 2015 program? Consider using and memorizing a handful of the keyboard shortcuts listed in the table here. Using Quicken keyboard shortcuts requires a bit of memorization work up front, but it usually pays rich dividends in the form of data-entry time savings.

ShortcutWhy You Want to Try Really Darn Hard to Remember This
Ctrl+SDisplays the Split Transaction window (so that you can use more
than one category to describe a payment or deposit).
Shift+DeleteCuts out the selected text in a field and moves it to the
Windows Clipboard (so that you can paste it into some other
Ctrl+InsertCopies the selected text in a field to the Windows Clipboard
(so that you can paste it into some other field).
Shift+InsertPastes what’s on the Clipboard into the selected field.
Ctrl+PPrints the contents of the active window. (Well, almost
Ctrl+OLets you open another Quicken data file.
Ctrl+GGo to date.
Ctrl+KDisplays the financial calendar.
Ctrl+BPuts you on the fast track to backing up your data.
Ctrl+ADisplays the Accounts List window.
Ctrl+WDisplays the Write Checks window.
Ctrl+LDisplays the tag list.
Ctrl+TDisplays the memorized Payees list.
Ctrl+JDisplays the scheduled transactions list.
Ctrl+UDisplays the Portfolio View window.
Ctrl+VAllows you to void a transaction.
Ctrl+YDisplays the security list.
Ctrl+HDisplays the Find and Replace window.
Ctrl+MMemorizes the transaction.
Ctrl+RReconciles dialog.
F1For those times when you just have to say, “Aaagh! Help!
F11Maximizes register view.
Alt+HomeGoes to the Home Tab.
Ctrl+Shift+CGoes to the Category list.
Ctrl+Shift+MGoes to the Manage Hidden Accounts dialog.
End four timesGoes to the last transaction in register.

5 Free, Reliable Websites for Quicken 2015 Users

The web represents a treasure trove of information about personal finance, small business, and tax accounting that Quicken users will appreciate. Individuals, investors, and small business owners just beginning their research, however, often aren’t sure which websites offer the most reliable information. Here are half a dozen sites that provide lots of reliable information you can use.


Quicken For Mac 2015 Manual

SiteWhy It’s Useful
Social Security
The Social Security Administration website lets you estimate
your future benefits. (Despite what you sometimes here people say,
Social Security will “be there” for future generations.
But benefits will probably be scaled back for at least some
recipients, which you can read more about at the Social Security
Administration’s website
BogleheadsBasically, the online fan club for Vanguard Group founder John
Bogle, this great forum provides tons of investment planning and
record-keeping advice — all influenced by a strong belief in
the superiority of a passive, low-cost investing
QuickenFind lots of stuff for Quicken.com users, all from the maker of
Quicken — Intuit. Note that if you register at the
Quicken.com site, you also gain additional functionality within the
Quicken program. For example, you can usually download stock price
information for free.
Internal Revenue ServiceMost people by now know that the IRS website provides
downloadable forms and informational booklets. What some people
don’t know, however, is that it also provides access to U.S.
tax law (both the Internal Revenue Code and the Treasury
Evergreen Small
The author of Quicken For Dummies has a blog with several
hundred pages of small business, personal financial planning, and
tax-related information, including free downloadable copies of many
of his old (but still useful) books.