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A morning coffee meeting is a great way to start the PTA fundraising year, as it brings parents together in a relaxed atmosphere where they can focus on raising money for a good cause. After dropping their children off at school, serve your parents some gourmet coffee with a selection of artisan pastries. The #1 resource for school parent groups. has expert advice, free programs, tools, tips, and tons of ideas to help make parent groups successful and schools great.

Meetings probably aren't the most fun thing on your PTO's calendar, but they're an important part of what your group does. Run well, meetings can be an effective way to gather input, share information, and make decisions. The more efficient your meetings are, the more likely people will be to participate, and the more work your group can get accomplished.

To help your group plan and run effective meetings, we’ve compiled the following resources with links to our most popular (and helpful) articles and downloadables.

First, Perspective

Before you start to think about issues like how long your meetings should be and the proper procedures for taking minutes, put meetings in perspective. Attendance is important, but it’s not the only consideration. What do you truly hope to accomplish at your meetings? Could some relatively simple fixes (holding one meeting a month in the evening for working parents, for example) boost attendance and improve the overall vibe? These resources can help with solutions to some of those questions:

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Planning Meetings

Once you’ve given some thought to what you hope to accomplish, it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of planning your meetings. From getting the word out to keeping your meetings short and to the point, these resources offer lots of helpful tips and information:

Running Meetings

An orderly, well-run meeting is better both for group leaders and those attending. You can’t forget about the rules—Robert’s Rules, that is. You don’t have to memorize a whole book’s worth of details, but you do want to know the basics. As well, meetings that offer a dash of fun are more likely to attract more attendees.

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes are the official permanent record of your group’s meetings. It’s appropriate to take minutes at every formal meeting of the PTO, including executive board and general membership meetings. Some large committees might also find it helpful to take minutes during their meetings to ensure there is a record of important decisions made.

For more on meetings, check our Meetings/Robert’s Rules topic page.

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“We had a 40-minute discussion about bunting!”

However much one person may love bunting, not everyone at your PTA meeting will share their enthusiasm. It’s time to get your precious meetings back on track.

To help you out, we’ve spoken to Classlist Ambassadors and reviewed our own experiences of PTA meetings. The result is this collection of top tips for running the type of PTA get-togethers parents won’t want to miss.

1. Perfect your PTA meeting plan

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Planning is the first step to a successful meeting.

  • Put together an agenda of five to seven items for discussion.
  • Allocate how much time you’ll spend discussing each one.
  • Assign someone to take brief minutes.

Once you’ve got your draft agenda, use Classlist announcements to distribute it in advance and ask if anyone has anything important to add. Re-distribute your final agenda a week beforehand then once again on the day, so the points are fresh in attendees’ minds.

2. Be a top host

Never underestimate the power of a friendly reception. Make sure you greet new people at the door, introducing yourself and making everyone feel welcome from the start.

3. Get the timing right

It’s important to have a set time and date for your meeting, for example, the first Monday after every half term. Aim for one meeting per term, and try to keep it to an hour to avoid people switching off and thinking about their dinner.

“We have our meetings half termly at a set time and date – on the Monday when school starts back – so people know it’s coming. We also alternate the location between the college and the junior school. As the Chair, I don’t do a lot of talking – I keep things moving along.”

– Kelly, PTA Chair, St George’s, Weybridge.

You know what’s even more popular than PTA meetings? Pub meetings (with pizza!). Once a term, plan a pub night so you can include parents who can’t make the PTA gatherings. It’s a social occasion, but also a great opportunity to keep parent conversations going.

4. Keep your content relevant

Got a great running club? Roller derby team? Bunting appreciation society? That’s wonderful, but only interested parties need to know the finer details.

It’s easy to clear space in your PTA agenda – create groups on Classlist to form relevant subcommittees. The enthusiasts will be happy to take it from there and you’ll get your meeting time back for other matters.

Another canny trick is to use Classlist to share your key documents before the meeting.

Pto Meeting Tomorrowteach To Be Happy Birthday

“We post information on Classlist before the meeting. This starts the conversation and so people come to the meeting with an opinion already formed, which speeds things up. Parents who can’t attend can see the discussions and comment prior to the meeting too.”

– Maria Blick, Chair of the PA, Christ Church Cathedral College

Planning to have a Head teacher present? Make the best use of their time by arranging for them to attend solely for the section that applies to them. You can bet school staff will really appreciate this efficient and considerate approach.

5. Make it fun

One of our Ambassadors makes sure there is wine on hand at her meetings. Others choose to meet in the morning after the school drop-off, laying on a breakfast spread for everyone in the hall.

Food. Drink. Simple things like this are bound to make meetings much more appealing.


Time to tackle your next meeting…

Now you’re armed with some great advice for future meetings. Let us know how you get on.

We recommend aiming for two reps per class on your PTA. And it’s always worth keeping an eye out for people who seem naturally suited to the PTA team. If a parent always replies to your messages straightaway, chances are they’d like to be more involved when it comes to recruiting a new rep.

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Updated: 20/09/2018