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Super Smash Flash 2. Tactical Assassin. Tactical Assassin 2. The Binding of Isaac. Portal: Flash Version. Portal: The Flash Version is a two dimensional game made with Adobe Flash based on Valve's Portal. It features the same environment and testing elements as Portal does, while even introducing some new features of its own. This game has also been recreated into the Portal Software Development Kit (Source SDK) and released as a Map-Pack. Portal: The Flash Version is a third person side scrolling adventure game based on the Portal franchise. The game has you playing as an Aperture Science test subject and you must guide him to the exit by using portals. Portal the Flash Version Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Portal: The Flash Version is a third person side scrolling adventure game based on the Portal franchise. The game has you playing as an Aperture Science test subject and you must guide him to the exit by using portals. You manually aim your portals on surfaces (brown surfaces mean you can't stick a portal on them) and must use clever thinking.

PORTAL, the classic video game, is also available in the free, Flash version! You’re locked in a huge lab and someone who operates the lab left you this message:

“It’s finally time for your physical test, subject 15837. The ASHPD in now in your hands. Show us what a motivated test subject can do. Prove us you’re legitimate for the job. Think with portals!”

You have to use the Portal Gun to set up portals and teleport yourself so that you find exit on every level. Avoid dangers and deadly traps. Good luck!

Game Controls: Arrow Keys – Walk. Mouse – Open a portal. Q – Open Blue portal. E – Open Orange portal. ESC – Restart game

Create portals to escape your maze-like environment: Portal: The Flash Version is a head-scratching, 2d platform-based puzzler (based on the 2007 puzzle-platform video game by Valve) where you must navigate your way through a series of tricky levels by teleporting out of your imprisonment through your own man-made portals. You play the role of ‘Test Subject 15837’, and must use your character’s handheld 'portal creation device' to create magical blue and yellow pathways that can transport you to otherwise un-reachable areas of each level. Put simply, you create a blue portal in one wall, a yellow portal in another wall, and use the two doorways as a perfect teleporting mechanism! As you progress through the 40 increasingly-difficult levels, you encounter challenges such as complex mazes, spiky obstacles, anti-teleport areas, and more.

This highly-stimulating, brain-teasing online platform challenge for older kids/ teens provides a stern test of your problem-solving skills. Figuring out a logical solution to transport your character toward the Exit in each level is no mean feat, and requires solid analytical thinking, creative engineering skills, good-old common sense, and the evasive ability to ‘think outside the box’. As Portal: The Flash Version is a platform game at heart, your keyboard tapping and fast reaction skills are also very important. Happy teleporting!

How to Play: Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control your character’s movements. In each of the 40 progressively-tricky levels, your objective is simply to guide your character to the Exit Door (The exit is indicated by a running man icon next to the doorway, usually on the right hand side of the game screen). However, escape is impossible without the help of your ‘Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device’ (ASHPD) - a type of portal creation gun that your character carries around with him at all times.

Aim the ASHPD gun using your mouse cursor, and Left Click to fire / create a portal. Your initial shot creates a Blue Portal, while your second shot creates a Yellow Portal. You are now able to move between these two circular doorways. If your character enters the Blue Portal, he emerges out of the Yellow Portal’s location, and vice versa. If both portals have already been created, your next shot changes the location of the Blue Portal, and so on. Not every click of the mouse results in a portal creation. If you fire at an area of the level that is out of bounds for portals, nothing happens (e.g. the corner of a room, a light bulb etc.). In later levels, dark-colored walls are also ‘portal-proof’. You can also use the Q and E Keys to create specifically-colored portals. Aim using your mouse cursor, and press Q to create a Blue Portal / E to create a Yellow Portal.

Portal Flash Version Game

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