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As you collect information, be sure to organize the documents into notebooks or binders, and enter the names and dates into a pedigree chart or genealogy software program. Hispanic Surnames Most Hispanic countries, including Spain, have a unique naming system in which children are commonly given two surnames, one from each parent. Puerto Rico has 78 municipalities (which is another term for cities, towns, or pueblos as we like to call them). Thirty-six pueblos have names of Taino origin (46%), and forty-two have Spanish origin (54%). Thirty of the pueblos have names of people who revolutionized the island, 15 of these were Taino Indians, and the other Continue reading 'Puertorican municipalities with Taino.

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Nicknames Explainedpuerto Rican Genealogy

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Puerto Rico has 78 municipalities (which is another term for cities, towns, or pueblos as we like to call them). Thirty-six pueblos have names of Taino origin (46%), and forty-two have Spanish origin (54%). Thirty of the pueblos have names of people who revolutionized the island, 15 of these were Taino Indians, and the other 15 were Spanish people.

The 15 pueblos/cities with names from Taino Chiefs (Caciques) are:

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Arecibo (Named after Cacique Arasibo)
Caguas (Named after Cacique Caguax)
-Canóvanas (Named after Cacique Canovanax)
-Cayey (Cacique, it also means “place of water in the mountain”)
-Coamo (Named after Cacique Coamex, and also means “flat and vast land”)
-Comerío (Cacique)
-Guayama (Cacique, and also means “our path”)
-Humacao (Named after Cacique Jumacao or Macao)
-Jayuya (Cacique)
-Loíza (Named after a female cacique or cacica also known as Loaíza or Yuíza)
-Luquillo (Named after Cacique Yuquibo)
-Maricao (It means “the sacrifice of the indian María”)
-Morovis (Named after Cacique Orocovix)
-Orocovis (Also named after Cacique Orocovix)
-Utuado (Named after Cacique Otoao, which also means “mountains after mountains”)

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The 15 pueblos/cities with names from influential Spanish people (2 of these were named after cities from Spain where these particular people came from):

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-Añasco (Named after Spanish settler Don Luis de Añasco).
-Barceloneta (Named after a beach neighborhood in Barcelona, Catalonia Spain, (Cataluña).
-Carolina (Named after a local woman named María del Carmen Carolina Martínez de Andino y Vizcarrondo)
-Cataño (Named after Hernando de Cataño, who was a colonist and doctor).
-Isabela (Named after Queen Isabella from Spain who is known for financing Christopher Colombus expeditions)
Fajardo (Named after Nicolás Fajardo, another Spanish colonist)
-Juana Díaz (Named after a widow who was married to a Spanish colonist)
-Lares (Named after Spanish colonist Amador de Lares (Lariz)
-Peñuelas (It was a surname that originated from the Spanish province, León.
-Ponce (Named after Juan Ponce de León y Loayza who was the great-grandson of the famous colonist and the first Spanish governor of Puerto Rico Juan Ponce de León)
-Rincón (Named after Gonzalo del Rincón, colonist)
-San Germán (Second wife of the Catholic King: Germana de Foix)
-Trujillo Alto (Named after Alonso Trujillo, colonist)
Villalba (Spain has more than 15 municipalities with this name)
-Santa Isabel ( Named after Isabel the Hungarian Princess)

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It is mind-blowing that Puerto Rico still has cities named after Taino caciques after being colonized by the Spanish. The source for this information came from Boricuazo.