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The 7 Biggest High School Misconceptions In this 2004 publicity image originally released by Paramount Pictures, from left, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert are shown in a scene from 'Mean Girls.' Regardless of what club, sport, or group a student joins, he/she is guaranteed to fit in somewhere. We are also the second largest high school in Mississippi, which can be a good or a bad thing, but our staff has become very good at managing such a large group. Southaven High School is just a good environment overall! Read 249 Reviews.

That leap from middle school to high school is scary enough. And with tons of crazy rumors floating around about what’s to come, the transition can be terrifying. But no worries! We’re here to help. So take a deep breath and let us tell you what’s REALLY going on.

Your BFFs will ditch you

So you’ve got that worry in the back of your mind: what if your gal pals call it quits for the popular kids? And if they do, should you chase ’em or let it slide? Don’t stress- just like lots of things in life right now, your girl group might change a little too. But your true BFFs will always be right by your side. And hey, don’t forget to leave a little room for some new pals to hop in!

You need a boyfriend ASAP

The first thing on your mind next year should definitely not be snagging a BF at the earliest opportunity. Take some chill time for yourself and concentrate on getting that A and finding a close crew. After you’re settled in, keep an open mind- you never know what hotties will be roaming the halls! But don’t force it. If it’s meant to be, the right guy will come into your life.

Being popular is extra important

The cool thing about high school is that, as you and your buds are maturing, you start to forget the things that aren’t so important and focus on what really matters. You won’t care nearly as much about who’s more popular than who. You’ll be more worried about acing that test and meeting those deadlines.

Being a club member is so nerdy

Absolutely not! Taking part in a club or committee is the best way to make tons of pals while doing what you love. Most high schools have tons of different ways to get involved, like knitting clubs, photography clubs, and science clubs. Just make sure you pick the group that’s right for you instead of following the crowd.

Popular girls are mean girls

During this next chapter in your life, girls will start searching for a crew based on how caring and supportive the gals are, rather than how cool they look in the halls. Everyone will want to be around the “popular” girls because of their great hearts, not their great shoes. So switch your BFF criteria from blond bully to sweet schoolmate.

Boys are just as icky and mean

Finally! The time when guys start growing up. Of course you’ll still run into those dudes who need a little more maturing. But in high school, when a cutie’s crushing on you, he’s more likely to smile and throw ya a compliment than act goofy for your attention.

You MUST wear the latest trends

You’ve got way too much on your plate to worry about looking super chic 100 percent of the time! In high school, people will care much more about the ideas in your head than the clothes on your body.


The workload is impossible!

Next year’s schedule will definitely be more packed than your middle school one. You’ll have more responsibilities, both at home and in school. Just remember that you're prepared, and try to take on every challenge and opportunity that’s thrown your way. If you come down with a case of serious stress overload, make sure you talk to your parents or a school counselor. They’ll be more than happy to help out.

Teachers are super strict

You’ve heard countless horror stories from your older bro about the vicious high school teachers who give endless detentions and fail students without hesitating. Totally untrue! As you get older, your teachers will expect more from you, but that doesn’t mean they suddenly turn evil! You may have a few toughies, but for the most part, your teachers are there to help and really want ya to succeed.

Real life high school = TV high school

Practically the opposite- nothing is nearly as dramatic or intimidating as Pretty Little Liars, but you're not just carelessly chilling in the halls like Zoey 101, either. The most important thing in high school is balance: mixing the right amount of stress with the right amount of fun is key.

What’s one thing that has you freaking out about going back to school this fall? Tell us in the comments!

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Myths 2016rochester High School Ms. Frisby

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