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March 19, 1865, dawned soft and balmy in central North Carolina. A brass band played the hymn 'Old Hundred.' The hymn's tranquil strains reminded the 30,000 men on the Left Wing of Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman's Union army group that it was Sunday, while blossoming fruit trees called to mind quiet homes and families far away. Many of the soldiers looked forward to the end of the war, which now seemed imminent.

The Shankshot is an Improvised rifle featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, introduced during the 2018 Outbreak update. Rumor has it the designer of this weapon was inside the prison's machine shop when the outbreak hit. Using his skills and whatever materials he had nearby, he created a potato cannon of sorts that fired pieces of sharpened metal at anything he pointed his weapon at. Artificial Intelligence: Mankind's Last Invention - Technological Singularity ExplainedPart 2: me on Instag. Chips are a type of food featured in The Last Stand: Union City. 1 Description 2 Background 3 Effect 4 Gallery Bag of Chips. Potato chips supposedly originated during the 19th century in a small American town, where a chef trying to please a picky customer decided to thinly slice a potato, fry the slices to a crisp and season it with tons of salt. Regardless of its true origins, it's. 1) To trace how the Union Army's organization of medical care in the field developed between the battles of First Manassas in 1861 and Bentonville in 1865. 2) To identify criteria considered important by Union surgeons in determining locations for the placement of field hospitals.

Anyways, Union Island played quite a role in the third Last Stand game, or, The last stand: Union City, which ever you may call it. So basically, the HERC was stationed there, possibly making it their base of operations in Union City, or simply a quarantine area, but either way, the protagonist and his wife had to kill quite a few (Not a lot.).

But the idle thoughts of a Sunday morning exploded as the Federals approached the farming community of Bentonville. Just outside of town 20,000 tattered Confederates, the remainder of a once-powerful army, attacked the Union troops. Dreams of joyous reunions were soon replaced by the carnage of war, and men who had marched to the front now lay wounded on the battlefield.

Four years earlier, at the beginning of the war, these men might have remained, untreated, on the battlefield for days. At the First Battle of Manassas in 1861, for example, many Union doctors fled in fear and those who stayed found themselves without adequate supplies or ambulances for their patients. As the war progressed and casualties mounted, however, military surgeons became more adept at caring for wounded. By the Battle of Bentonville, one of the last major engagements of the Civil War, the United States Army Medical Department had developed an effective system for operating field hospitals and an ambulance corps. This improved organization was typical of the advances in logistics that helped the North's war effort.

WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney has discussed the potential fights ahead for the 2021 fight calendar, as he aims to collect all four of the division’s titles.

Last Stand: Union Citygaming Potatoes

Speaking to the Last Stand Podcast, he laid out his aim to take on the pre-eminent fighter of the division, Teofimo Lopez Jr.

Lopez dethroned Vasiliy Lomachenko in October for the majority —but not all — of the world gold in the division many see as the most exciting in the sport today.

The next step is for some champion vs. champion showdowns between the thus-far undefeated titleholders in the new year, and Haney says he will fight them all.

“My next will be Teofimo Lopez because that would be for all the belts, of course,” he explained.

“I would want to be the undisputed champion of the lightweight division, and then I would say, Gervonta Davis.”

He continued: “My skill set, my work ethic, my skill set is just different from those guys. In my fights, it has shown.

“I dominate my opponents. I make them look inexperienced. “You know, I pitch shutouts so badly that people criticize my opponents because I don’t lose rounds. I don’t lose any seconds of the fight.”

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2021 will be a huge year for me starting with my two mandatories 😤

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— Devin Haney (@Realdevinhaney) December 28, 2020

Luke Campbell fights fellow lightweight contender Ryan Garcia in Dallas, Texas on Jan. 2 for the chance to fight Haney next, but the division is stuffed with talent which should lead to plenty of bartering and deal-making over the course of the next year and beyond.


Lomachenko, Lopez, Davis, Haney and Garcia - at the very least - could all make huge fights over the course of 2021.

Haney is looking for long term success against his peers, saying: “The boxer, the guy with the better skill set, always last longer.

“You can go back to the Sugar Ray days, Ali days, whatever days you want to go to.

Last Stand: Union City Gaming Potatoes Chips

“The boxer always finishes last, and at the end of it, I’m going to be on top.”