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Some of them got a passport for the first time only to be able to join, some other had to beg their boss to take a day off (or to lie depends! Lol!) and most of them, if not everyone, embarked on that bus with total strangers for a journey that was sure to be unique and unexpected. Put the wind in your sails and breath in the sea with a sailing tour like no other with Topdeck on the Summer Fun and Sailing tour – Setting sail from May 2021. Travellers heading on this trip will experience a sun-soaked excursion like no other. The trip includes a visit to 13 countries with 3-nights spent on a boat sailing in Greece. 3,884 likes 5 talking about this. Official Facebook page for the band Sleeping Wolf.

To tide over this, the official said, a dynamic bus transit system has been started where police stations on highways and roads make migrants walking on foot and make them board buses to reach interstate borders. (Representational Image)

With an increasing number of migrant workers taking the road across the country to reach their homes in different states, the Odisha government has started a dynamic bus transit system to pick up such migrant workers and drop them to inter-state borders.

“Till 18.5.2020, 5.00 PM, Odisha Police arranged 222 trips by bus to transport over 8,000 such migrant labourers of other states using Odisha for transit only. Odisha Police is also running kitchens to feed migrant labour of all types. The biggest such kitchen in Bhadrak is feeding 4,000 people per day,” said a statement issued by the state government.

According to sources, thousands of migrants have taken to the road, either in vehicles or on foot and bicycles, to reach their home states. A large number of these migrant workers are just passing through Odisha from states like Andhra Pradesh to reach Bihar or West Bengal.

“We have a well-oiled system to pick up migrants from borders of the source state, and drop them to borders of destination states. There are well-laid down SOPs for migrants hailing from Odisha coming back home. But there is a vacuum as far as migrants transiting through Odisha on foot is concerned,” a senior Odisha government official said.

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To tide over this, the official said, a dynamic bus transit system has been started where police stations on highways and roads make migrants walking on foot and make them board buses to reach interstate borders.

“Odisha Police for the last four days is providing buses from important Border Check Points like Soliela, Girisola, and Kerada to carry the migrants to the border points of their destination state. However before such buses were provided (from BCPs) some migrant labours had already left on foot. So all road side police stations has been alerted to assist such migrant labour and inform District Control Room who can co-ordinate with other districts and BCPs. The number and route of buses is dynamic, depending on demand. Buses are also being provided at intermediate points like Khordha, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Jajpur, Bhadrak, etc,” the statement said.

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Road trips are just about my favourite way to travel; I love arriving in a new country, hiring a car and seeing where the adventure will take us. I think you see so much more of a country’s culture when you travel by road, as well as finding those places that aren’t your run-of-the-mill tourist traps.

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We’ve just come from an epic three week journey in South Africa and after travelling as a squad of two cars and three bikes I thought I would share some of the lessons we’ve learnt on the road that might help you plan a future trip.

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  1. Plan Your Route– It’s awesome to be spontaneous and free spirited on the road, however it’s not so awesome if you end up in the middle of nowhere, in the dark and have no clue where you’re heading. Always have an idea of your final destination for that day or pre-pick out towns you could stop at if you get sick of driving. That way you know where you’re going to end up, what’s there when you arrive, which then allows you to stop in where ever you want on the way.
  2. Pick Your Squad Carefully– This might sound like a weird one, but one of the key things to a successful road trip is everyone being on the same page, if you have one member of the group being negative in any way it will bring down the whole group’s morale and leave everyone feeling pretty frustrated. Everyone has bad days but ultimately you want to surround yourself with positive people, who on the longer drives will keep singing to the radio and chatting until you arrive at your next destination.
  3. Do Your Research– There are some gems that can easily be missed on the road, I normally do a quick google search on the morning that we leave of places that people have featured on their blogs, so we don’t miss out. If coffee’s your thing (or you’re travelling with any member of our squad) a good tip is to google either ‘best coffee in…’ normally the best coffee shops are in really awesome areas of the city, so it’s a good place to start!
  4. Pack Light– Realistically when you’re on the road you pretty much wear the same thing every day. It’s so much easier when you finally reach the place you’re staying to grab your small bag out of the car than a massive beast of a suitcase.
  5. Want to be healthy? Bring Snacks– Most road trips begin in major cities where there is an abundance of stores where you can buy healthy snacks. Nine times out of ten you get an hour out of the city and the only places to stop are service stations or fast food restaurants. I would suggest stocking up on snacks that won’t go off if you’re travelling in the heat and will hinder those in between service station stop food cravings.

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I hope this guide has provided some useful tips for anyone about to embark on an awesome road trip soon.