Introducing The Weebly Dashboard For Chrome

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Introducing The Weebly Dashboard For Chrome

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We would like to share a press release from Weebly which is our the provider of our free Website Builder that comes with every domain name registered with us.

Here is the copy of the Press Release:


Featuring App Center, Mobile Drag-and-Drop Editing, Dashboard, New Editor, New Themes, and New Element and REST APIs

Introducing The Weebly Dashboard For Chrome

San Francisco, Calif. — October 1, 2015 — Weebly, a global platform that helps millions of
entrepreneurs bring their small business dreams to life online, is proud to introduce Carbon, the third generation of Weebly. Carbon is a complete relaunch of the Weebly platform that delivers a new line up of business and eCommerce store from any device, anywhere.

For the first time ever, entrepreneurs can fully edit and manage their site or eCommerce store
and build an online store from scratch using their phone and tablet. Weebly’s new mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android provide a seamless experience across all platforms with the same easy to use drag and drop editor 30 million people already know and love. These new features, plus Weebly’s Apple Watch app, ensure the days of running a small business solely from a computer over.

With Weebly’s new App Center, entrepreneurs now have easy access to apps that help them
tackle the day to day challenges of running a business. They can incorporate dozens of dynamic
app partners directly into the editor to help them through hurdles like getting found on search
engines, international shipping, funding, marketing, text message enabled customer support and social media integration. Weebly’s brand new App Center is a one-stop-shop to customize
various needs as unique as the business itself with simple one-click integrations.

With 50% of all Weebly traffic coming from mobile, Weebly’s new responsive themes guarantee
no entrepreneur will miss a click, comment or sale from a clunky, unresponsive site. Every
aspect of the design remains intact on any device. Weebly also empowers site creators to easily
evolve the look of their site over time with the most up to date design trends. They can “try on”
any theme for free and change the look of their site in seconds while preserving all of their
content — a huge value for entrepreneurs on a budget.

Additionally, the new Dashboard gives any site creator an overview of their entire business in one glance right when they log in. The clear and concise Dashboard displays sales, orders, visits,
blog comments, form entries, and data from integrated apps from the Weebly App Center. Busy
entrepreneurs can now streamline the day to day tasks of running a 24/7 digital storefront on one simple page.

“Weebly Carbon will give a business of any size, or entrepreneur of any age, a complete platform to build their business like never before and the flexibility to do it from anywhere,” said David Rusenko, founder and CEO of Weebly. “We believe the trifecta of beautiful design, ease of use
and unprecedented mobile access is the future of small business.”

The features included with Carbon are already making a real impact in the day to day operations for entrepreneurs worldwide. Paul O’Leary from updated his website with a responsive theme and saw his bounce rate decrease 40% overnight leading to a 150% increase in sales in one week. Cyndi Grassman from used the iPad app to update her online inventory on the road on a way to a craft festival. Connecting the Shippo app to Paige Curtis’ online store,, relieved her of one of the most stressful parts of
growing the business: “Shipping has been one of the most time-consuming parts of running our business. After discovering the Weebly App Center, my life got so much easier. It’s saved me money and I have more time to focus on the fun stuff!”

Updated features also include new tools for Designers and Developers to serve a community of
30 million site creators in 170 countries worldwide. Designers can access an all new theme
engine built with modern tools like Mustache and LESS. Developers can build apps on the new
Weebly platform with an extensive set of APIs, get ranked, rated and earn income for their unique creations.

With Carbon, Weebly’s new features and improvements include:

• New Mobile Apps with Full Drag and Drop Editing – For the first time ever, step away from the desk and fully edit a site and store on any mobile device with all new iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Full eCommerce functionality is now available on all devices, giving users more flexibility to manage their businesses from anywhere.

Introducing The Weebly Dashboard For Chrome Extension

App Center – The Weebly App Center delivers apps and elements across categories in eCommerce, social, marketing, finance, customer service, reporting and more to help entrepreneurs grow their business hassle-free with simple, one-click integrations.

Introducing The Weebly Dashboard For Chrome

Dashboard – The completely redesigned Dashboard goes beyond the website and gives business owners a full view of their business — from their sales, site stats, blog comments, and data from integrated apps from the Weebly App Center — all in one streamlined view on both desktop and mobile. New Themes and Theme Engine –

New, modern themes offer cleaner, more customizable, fully-responsive designs. Carbon’s all new theme engine, built on top of modern tools like Mustache and LESS, enables a more flexible way to customize the look

Refreshed Editor – The third-generation Weebly Editor, with a brand new look and new tools to edit text and organize page layouts to make building websites on Weebly easier than ever before.

Introducing the weebly dashboard for chrome browser

Improved Design Workflow – Designers and developers can now code where and how they want with Weebly’s new Ruby gem; they can develop with their own pre-existing workflow and changes are synced back in real time.

New, Robust APIs – New APIs enable developers to integrate directly into the Weebly platform with OAuth2, Webhooks, and REST APIs for sites, blogging, commerce and more. Monetize apps in the Weebly App Center, or build solutions that extend Weebly as an enterprise-class CMS.

Introducing The Weebly Dashboard For Chrome Os

These new features are now available for all existing and new Weebly site creators. Weebly is
free to use with a variety of paid plans which include additional features and functionality.
For images and video of Weebly Carbon please visit this Dropbox Link.
To view some of the amazing things customers are building with Weebly, visit the new Customer Stories Gallery.

• Elements API – Anyone can now build elements, the basic building blocks of a site, with the Elements API. Carbon also includes 11 new elements which enable more powerful functionality for the site or store, like a pricing table, tab box, and “meet the team” cards.

About Weebly

Founded in 2007, Weebly is a San Francisco-based, global platform that lets people easily create a unique website, blog or online store. As Sibername, we are proud to offer their state of the art solution free for every domain name registered with us.

Introducing The Weebly Dashboard For Chrome Browser

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Tara Frankel 908-268-4633 [email protected]

Introducing The Weebly Dashboard For Chrome Bookmarks

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