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This is a sequel of a popular online zombie game Impale. The aim stays the same - throw bodies of half-alive on spears, hooks, blades of saws - everything that has a red round mark. As soon as zombie gets to the red point, the lamp lights up. You have to light them all in Impale 2 at each level.

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Please note that some games take longer to load then others, also please feel free to contact us if you have any problems whatsoever with any game on this site, or to tell us how you feel about the site or have any recommendations for any games you'd like us to add in the future. Impale 2 is a free online browser game that you can play at, belongs in the skill games category, added on the 4 August 2012 and played 11.60k times. Play impale 2 game and use your cannon launcher to fire dead rotting zombies at the spikes and circular saws to chop them into tiny bits and pieces.

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