How To Sell Online: Advice Everyone Needs To Hear

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Several years ago, someone I didn’t want to work with tried to shame me into wanting to work with him by saying, “You don’t want to die known as the girl who worked from home.”

Working from home has been a growing trend in recent years, with gurus popping up like poisonous mushrooms left and right trying to teach people how to leave the corporate world and make a six-figure income being a VA or copywriter or online entrepreneur.

In recent months, working from home has exploded. Everybody now wants to work from home. I’ve had people come to me asking for opportunities since the start of the pandemic. They wanted to know how they can make money online, where they can learn to be a VA or a copywriter or a social media manager, and who will pay for the skills they’re bringing over from their day jobs.

Truth is I left the traditional work-from-home path a few years ago already. I still work at home or in a cafe, occasionally, but I don’t need to do all the stuff JobStreet and today’s hottest work-from-home gurus say you need to do.

That’s because I began working from home more than a decade ago not because I needed to or not because it was cool and certainly not because of the purported huge money people who work from home make.

I did so because I refused to spend 1/6th of my life on the dirty, smelly roads of Metro Manila just to be able to work in a swanky Makati office owned by a company whose values I didn’t get. I believed there was a way to reach my goal–at that time it was to make money writing–without slowly dying inside. And there was.

In my 30s, my priorities have changed. While I still want to make money writing, I no longer want to do so while compromising on my values. For example, I refuse to work with people who only do things for the money–and I can sniff them out from a mile away. I will not write for anybody who wants me to write the same ol’ shizz everybody else is writing on the Internet. And I sure as hell will not work with anyone who views me as cheap labor.

My standards may have narrowed down my options. At least, that’s what you’ll believe if you listen to every single person out there telling you you need to do this and that and, oh, if you don’t do it then perhaps you’re not ready for success just yet.

But 12 years ago, I made my decision to work from home as a freelance writer and stuck to it despite practically everyone except for my parents questioning my decision. It didn’t matter that no one else was doing it. It was the choice that felt right to me at that time.

There was nobody to teach me SEO or email marketing or copywriting or WordPress. I learned it all on my own. I fumbled my way through the dark, while later paying up to thousands of dollars for the very expensive occasional Internet marketing course with content that’s no longer relevant in 2020.

In a way, I’m glad there were no gurus to tell me what to do when I was just starting out because it made it so much easier to stick to what I know was true and see things through.

Now, everyone has suddenly become a work-from-home expert overnight, and it’s gotten harder to shut out the multiple voices on social media trying to entice people with promises of making a lot of money online.

In my 20s, I was blessed with the opportunity to make a good amount of money (at least for someone in her 20s) by working online. But more than that, I was given the opportunity early in life to realize that working for money without caring for anything else about the work that you do is the easiest way to kill your soul. Not to mention it’s also the fastest way to lose all that money you just made.

So here’s my advice to you, if you’re thinking of making money as a freelancer, work-from-home employee, or online entrepreneur:

There are so many ways to make money online that it can be so confusing for the beginner. You can write. You can be a VA. You can build websites. You can teach English. You can be an Instagram influencer. You can make videos for YouTube. You can sell other people’s products for affiliate commissions. You can put up ads on your blog. You can become a coach. You can build a course. You can grow a membership site. You can sell blueberry cheesecake. You can sell pretty much anything on the Internet.

How To Sell Online: Advice Everyone Needs To Hear Someone

Pick one thing that you actually want to do and STICK TO IT. Don’t get swayed by people trying to convince you about their step-by-step scientifically proven system or script or template for making money online–there will be plenty of them.

Most of the money I made I made without having followed any of those systems, even unknowingly breaking so many supposed rules and doing things people say I’m not supposed to do. Sure, if you’re completely new to Internet marketing, you need to learn the basics of how it works. But you don’t need to learn anybody’s system for making money online. That’s their system, not yours.

Every single online marketing method works, whether it’s SEO or social media marketing or email marketing or video marketing or Pinterest marketing or Messenger chatbots. You only have to choose the method that works for you. And then everything else you need to know, you already do.

  • That to be relevant, you have to provide something that people need.
  • That to get clients or employers you love, you simply have to connect with them by being who you truly are.
  • That to keep clients or employers you love, you have to love the work that you do and let that love shine through.
  • That you are valuable, worthy, and deserving just as you are and no flashy gimmicks or marketing hype can somehow make you better than who you already are.
  • That money shows up when you don’t really care if it does. Irony of all ironies, but the harder you try to make money, the harder it shows up.

This is basically how I breezed through my 20s as a successful freelance writer making more money than most people. This is also how I graduated from college with honors from the best university in the country without trying. And this is how I’m in a fun, loving, and spiritually fulfilling relationship with someone who inspires me to become even better.

By giving it my best.

Doing it for love.

And not expecting a reward in the end.

That’s all you really need to do.

You can start with your brand new work-from-home career. Or you can ignore my advice and let yourself be pulled in a hundred different directions at once trying to listen to all the cool kids of Internet marketing.

Maybe, in another decade from now, people will be forced yet again to veer off the traditional online marketing trail as they’re being forced right now to leave their traditional work settings.

Maybe, by that time, they’ll be more open to taking the path of working from the heart, not just of working from home. But–who knows?–I’d probably have forged another of my own paths by then. When will you?

You want the best price to sell your home and you want to sell it yesterday, right?

Regardless of your home's listing price and all the pretty pictures online with expensive staging, Realtors still show your house live with buyers. And this is when too many deals fall apart or the offer you receive is way below what you expected.

Why? Because the home is not clean and appears not to be maintained with care. And this is the responsibility of both the homeowner and your Realtor.

Consistently, we read about surveys and horror stories about how little effort sellers invest in how their property shows. Dirt, rotten food in the fridge, pet odors (cats have caused more deals to go south than any animal on the planet), water leaks, mold on walls, dead mice behind washing machines--the list goes on. If your home looks, smells, feels unmaintained, the home inspector will not be on your side and the offer--if it ever is written--will not be what you expect.

As a former homebuilder, investor buying and selling and consulting on how to sell properties, I, like you, realize what critical areas in a home can cause heartburn and trepidation in buyers not wanting to have to fix/replace broken stuff in your house for sale.

If you're selling now or thinking about selling, here's a checklist to insure your home is looking it's best to secure the best offer. And if you're a Realtor, it's your responsibility to hold your client accountable to present a home that shows respectfully, and doesn't hamper your reputation of presenting a good product. If the homeowner doesn't realize what's important--it's your job to coach them, pure and simple. No excuses.

1.Clean the house to an inch of its life. Hire a crew if need be, but clean it. Every single corner should shine. No cobwebs, bugs, dirt, pet hair, soap scum, or grime under/behind appliances, tops of cabinets or under sinks. Show pride in the home.

2. If it smells like cat urine, get rid of the carpet that stinks and find a place for the cat to live for a while. Cat urine kills every deal. If it smells like cigarette smoke, do what is needed to eliminate it. Listen to your Realtor.

3.Dirty carpet gives the perception you don't care about how you take care of your home. True or not, that's the impression. Clean sells.

4.Dirty windows, screens and tracks need attention. Clean, lubricate and make them sparkle.

5.Front door damage, scratched, threshold dirty? Entries tell what condition the home will be in what pride a owner takes. Paint it, clean it.

6. If something is broke, fix it. Invest a little now or get a lowball offer later.

7.Utility rooms: Wipe and shine up the furnace and water heater like a new car! New furnace filter, clean behind it, wash the floor, add a brighter light bulb, clean the dryer vent and make sure it's hooked up properly. Wipe the washer and dryer too, clean the shelves of supplies and wipe out the utility sink. If your mechanicals are not spotless, they look like they don't work properly. Does the water softener even work? Is there salt or a dead body in the salt tank?

8. Sump pump pits: Spray paint the cover to make pretty, clean out the pit, wipe the discharge pipes to look white again.

How to sell online: advice everyone needs to hear someone

9. Window wells: Have you looked in window well in the past 10 years? It's a jungle and cemetery in there. Clean out the bones of mice and frogs, clean the window and well cover so the sunlight can actually get through. Add more stone to level the area to look clean.

10. If there is any leaking faucets, drains under sinks, shut off valves, get them fixed now. If a shut off valve is frozen, this dangerous and it will cost you a lower offer. Run drain cleaner in every sink and clean out the hair balls hanging from tub and sink drains. Make sure drains run properly.

11. Label every shut off valve, every breaker, damper, etc. with a fresh, bright label to show you care and make it easy for the owner to see where things are. It shows you are aware of these simple things. This scores points with home inspectors.

12. Clean out ceiling vents and return air grills. Wipe the dirt, replace rusty ones and level every outlet cover to make things look crisp and well kept.

13. Crawl spaces. Clean out junk and add a fresh plastic liner to keep moisture and odors to a minimum and to show you take care of your home. Add a brighter bulb and remove any old dirty insulation hanging from the ceiling or side walls.

14. Check for mold in your attic. You can't hide it and if you don't fix it now, you'll have to fix it later. Bite the bullet and repair it.

15. Replace toilet seats that are ancient. Clean the caps and rinse out the water tank with bleach so it looks cleaner, working order and smells better.

16. Fix sink drains and dripping faucets. Secure towel bars.

17. Re-caulk bath and shower tile. Filthy scummy, hard water stained fixtures are not appealing.

18. Kitchen: Clean and level every door, every hinge and wipe out under every cabinet and make it shine and get rid of anything that is not pretty or clean. Run vinegar thru the dishwasher and clean the fried interior like your mother-in-law was going to inspect this weekend.

How To Sell Online: Advice Everyone Needs To Hear At A

How to sell online: advice everyone needs to hear at a

19. Closets: Clean it, deodorize it and your 30 pair of shoes too.

20. Vacuum under the beds and make sure closet doors work.

21. Clean the fireplace and make sure the damper works, the hearth is clean and the doors are clean, working and are safe. Make it appealing, not look like a fire hazard.

22. Do bath and bedroom door locks work? Are they loose, sticking or missing? Fix them now. Door bumpers broken? Holes in the wall? Closet pull chains not working?

How To Sell Online: Advice Everyone Needs To Hear Better

23. The garage: if it looks like a disaster, buyers presume it will take too long for you to get out after closing. Clean it out, paint the walls and brighten the lite bulb.

24. Clean your gutters and downspouts, trim bushes from windows and clean the sidewalks and outdoor light fixtures. Does the front door lock work easy? Does the doorbell work? Make it look inviting, clean and safe.

25. Information accessible: Have warranty cards, instruction booklets, HOA info all neatly placed in a folder. Make it easy for buyers to see you care.

How To Sell Online: Advice Everyone Needs To Hear Something

The cost and investment in completing these items is far less than what the offer on your home will be discounted to when you see it.

Show buyers you take pride, take care and are proactive in maintaining your home. Realtors don't like being embarrassed showing properties that are not kept up and they won't work hard to get you the best offer either. Realtors don't want to make excuses for a poor looking property and won't bring their best customers to show your house. They're paid and incented to sell the sellable houses for the best price. Don't blame the realtor if you home doesn't look as good as it could. Tough love conversations, but no one else is going to tell you the truth you already know.