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This article was co-authored by Thomas Churchill, a trusted member of wikiHow's community. Thomas Churchill has been involved in public service for over 15 years, helping build affordable housing in his hometown of Davidson, North Carolina, serving as President of Stanford's Servant Breakfast to feed breakfast to the homeless in Palo Alto, California, and raising money with Los Hermanos de. Weebly's prices are similar to competitors like Wix or Squarespace, but its free plan option is one of the most generous among free website builders and for just $5 a month you can get up. Weebly has a powerful site builder to help you create a decent website in short time. This is more suitable for those who want to build a small business site and use it for driving more customers to the actual business. Or build a simple personal blog to share with friends and relatives. C ommunity capacity building is when an individual or a group begins to engage particular fundamental characteristic of community capacity by socially interacting with the social agencies to create an outcome. Often this is done to help enhance a community's ability to build resilience, self-reliance and enhance development initiatives. Offers of donated household items, while appreciated, cannot be accommodated because we do not have a Habitat Restore nor the means to collect and store donated items.We suggest you contact the Bennington County Habitat for Humanity affiliate (802-362-0964) which has a Resale Store, Good Will Thrift Store on North Main Street in Rutland, or the Open Door Mission on Park St.

Welcome to Weebly Tutorials, the largest free Weebly help guide site for beginners. has a single goal: create easy to understand Weebly tutorials.

Weebly makes it extremely simple and painless to create an awesome website. But, for sure, it doesn’t hurt to have a little guidance so we make it even simpler.

All the ABC’s and the essential requirements you need in order to put together your first or optimize your current website can be found here on

Why Weebly and not anything else?

Because simply nowadays, there are actually no better/simpler ways to start a website… But most importantly:

  • #1 It’s FREE, with thousands of templates/designs to choose from.

Even though it has a paid plan, Weebly can be used for free without spending any single dime. There’s also a pretty big community behind it who have contributed to it. This way you guarantee that you’ll never run out of support.

  • #2 It’s VERY beginner-friendly.

Regardless of any technical knowledge or past experience, Weebly makes it absolutely easy to make awesome websites with hundreds of themes to choose from and a simple drag-and-drop site editor.

  • #3 Optimized for all kind of websites.

From small informational, static websites to professional business platforms and online stores, Weebly can get things taken care of for just about any type of website.

  • #4 Mobile-friendly websites.

Any website you make will be responsive, looking just fine on every device. All the themes on Weebly are mobile-friendly ones and no need to perform any changes or to hire someone else to do it for you.

  • #5 Pretty big support and community available to lend a hand.

Weebly is used by around 45+ million users across the globe. It’s pretty easy to find FAST help when needed. In addition, there are a lot of free resources out there to help you through your online adventure.

How to Get Started

Not sure where to start? That is OK — we got everything set up for you! You may want to get started by going through some of our most helpful Weebly guides. Also, if you didn’t determine yet on how and with what tool you are planning to build your website. You may then consider looking at our Weebly review. The review answers several questions such as What’s Weebly? Why use Weebly and what can it do for your business? Well, all of that will surely help you decide if Weebly is right for you or not.

Ready to go?

2 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Weebly Website

2. Setup, design and tweak your Weebly website

As we recommended, for beginners, we suggest sticking to Weebly. It’s the easiest website builder nowadays. It does also suit every need from launching a small static website to a blog and an online store.

Further Reading

Because we won’t be able to cover everything on one page without leaving information out, we have divided our tutorials into different sections:

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Congratulations – you’re ready to launch!

If you’ve followed the steps in this guide, you should now have a fully-functional Weebly website! That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Well, last but not least, keep improving your website.

Weebly is highly customizable. If you want to truly master Weebly, look no further than these comprehensive articles below – They will help you make your website awesome!

This year, on average, a new community was created on reddit every 2.4 minutes. More than 1 billion people are participating in Facebook groups every month. In the 5 seconds it takes you to read this sentence, it’s safe to assume at least one new community formed somewhere in the world.

In fact, communities have been forming, evolving and dying consistently since the beginning of humanity. Building community is part of being human.

But we aren’t just local tribes gathering around a fire anymore. Today, people participate in many different communities concurrently and much of our community experience lives on the internet. This means your community is fighting for the attention of members in an endless sea of options and distractions.

While the environment is different, the fundamentals of how communities form have always been the same. Whether you’re building a community for a tribe, a city, a hobby or for a brand, you can use the same social psychology.

In CMX Training, we teach community professionals how to use the community engagement cycle to fuel engagement in their community. But what if you don’t have a community yet? How do you get a brand new community off the ground?

I’ve been building online communities since I was 13, and at CMX, we spend every day studying and teaching organizations how thriving communities are built.

Here are the six things we’ve learned for getting a new community off the ground:

1. You don’t “launch” a community

Communities don’t launch. They start small and grow organically, eventually turning into a movement.

Eventually, you might have an “announcement” letting people know they can join, but this should never be your first step. Before you open up your community to the world, you’ll want to make sure you’re building the right foundation.

Help Build The New Weebly Community Online

A community is like a party. Any good party organizer knows that the key to a good party is a good pre-party. The preparty lets you put the right people in the room and sets the tone for the rest of your guests. This way when everyone else shows up, it’s not a quiet, awkward room. This is how The League, an exclusive dating app, built a community and got thousands of signups before opening up the app to the world. They threw parties to build up their foundation so that when they finally “launched”, the environment was ripe for success.

If you’re imagining your launch as a big grand unveiling where you open the floodgates and a thriving, healthy community forms…think again. The only way that approach drives any activity is if you have an existing, large following. And even then, when you dump a lot of people into a room you’ll have no control over the culture and quality of interaction that develops.

2. People join communities to feel safe and validated

Why do humans seek community? Because in the days of the earliest humans, those who collaborated survived, and those who stayed alone died. As a result, our brains evolved to seek community, because it increased our chances of survival. Communities make us feel safe.

We have the same brain today. But for most of us in western civilization, surviving is no longer about fighting off a lion or hunting for food, it’s about our status in society and emotional safety. We want to be part of a group that makes us feel supported and validates our identity.

This is why when people feel isolated from others who share their identity, they’ll naturally seek out community. You have a golden opportunity to build community when you can identify a group of people with similar identities or interests, who feel isolated from each other.

When we started CMX, we knew there were thousands of people who identified as community professionals but there was no central place for them to come together and share that identity. They were isolated. When we launched CMX Summit, people flew out from all over the world and the event sold out in 5 weeks. We created a space where their identity was validated and they felt supported, and a thriving community formed.

3. Curate high-quality members to start things off

I know, it’s weird to talk about the quality of a person. But the truth is we all have limited time and we have to choose who we spend time with.

If you give someone an opportunity to spend time with people that they respect and whose company they enjoy, you’ll have no problem getting your community going.

Today Product Hunt is one of the fastest growing online communities in the world. But when it started, it wasn’t a platform for thousands of people to share products. No. It was brunch. I went to every Product Hunt brunch I could from the day Ryan Hoover started hosting them. Why? Because I knew that at every one of those events, I could walk up to anyone and they would be interesting to me. Somehow, most of the people I would meet there also shared my sense of humor and had similar lifestyles. They were my people.

Remember, your community is competing for attention with thousands of other communities and events. People are drawn to curation. Curation makes each member feel special (because they were chosen) and increases their trust that they’ll enjoy interacting with the other members since they too were curated.

Good curation will also make non-members envious. People love to be a member in a community that other people envy.

4. In-person and live online experiences create stronger bonds

In order to be a community, your members have to develop relationships with each other.

Help Build The New Weebly Community

In a study conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, they found that 4 out of 6 of the most important attributes for developing relationships required in-person interaction.

Online communities are almost always asynchronous and text based. That means members can only form relationships one message at a time, often across the space of many hours. It also means they’re lacking the context of facial expressions, tone of voice and body language.

This is why live and in-person experiences are so powerful for creating a strong foundation for your new community. These experiences will strengthen the asynchronous online interaction members have later. They’ll know each other more intimately and will be able to enjoy more conversational language.


Most large online communities you know today all have “live” experiences to compliment asynchronous interactions. Reddit has in person events and AMA’s to bring members together at the same time offline and online. Airbnb hosts big events and meetups for their hosts. Yelp hosts Yelp Elite events on the regular.

5. You’ll need to manufacture the first interactions

When you first start organizing a community, people have no idea what to do because there are no examples. And they don’t care about their reputation amongst the community yet, so they’re not going to be motivated to help others. That’s why in the early days you have to facilitate everything.

Help Build The New Weebly Community Project

Your goal is to create examples, even if they aren’t completely organic. Reddit is one of the largest and most active communities in the world. When they started, they actually made fake accounts so that when other users went there, they would see other people, and there would be content to interact with. This is known as “astroturfing”.

It’s not the most transparent way to get engagement going, but it got the job done for them.

Remember, people don’t like to be the first mover. Just like in school, most of us wait for someone else to raise their hand first.

Help build the new weebly community free

To overcome this, one thing I did when launching the CMX community was ask members that I knew personally to post a question. And then I’d ask other members I know to post answers to that question. It wasn’t all “organic”, no. But it created the foundation for organic activity later.

Event organizers do this all the time with speaker Q&A. You know that awkward silent period every time a speaker says “okay I’ll open it up for questions!” and no one raises their hand? A good event organizer knows to seed a couple questions in the crowd to get things going. Then everyone else will want to ask a question too.

6. The most important factor is you

None of this is easy.

It takes a lot of hard work and persistence. There may a considerable amount of time where it feels like nothing is working. You’ll have awkward silences. You’ll have events where no one shows up, or posts that no one responds to. You have to just keep at it. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your community probably won’t sprout up over night.

I’ve started many communities that never got off the ground and looking back, it’s always because I didn’t care enough. I had the idea, tried a couple things to bring people together, and when the community didn’t just start growing on its own I gave up.

Every community that exists today only exists because someone cared enough to bust their ass and make it happen. If you have that drive, nothing else really matters.

Keep reading:The 10-step process for building a community from scratch.

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