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Step Mom with Huge Tits and Step Aunt Suck My Cock - Maggie Green and Cory Chase 15 min 1080p. Hard At Work is the show where we talk about the nerdy stuff we talk about at work, to distract us from work, recorded at work. Each week Matt and Nick take their lunch break to talk about the latest in Geek Culture news and events, their lives, and engage in occasional toilet humor.

Examples of hard at work in a Sentence

  1. Jonathan Rosen:

    We are already hard at work delivering on those commitments and won't be sidetracked by frivolous litigation.

  2. Tim Murtaugh:

    The president has been hard at work protecting the safety of Americans and also safeguarding the economy, while Joe Biden sits in his basement lobbing political hand grenades in a desperate plea for relevance.

  3. Ronna McDaniel:

    As Democrats prepare to take the stage for two more nights of political theater, our team is armed with a fully-equipped rapid response operation and we stand ready to fact-check their socialist claims and highlight their egregious statements and missteps, we made history when we delivered my home state of Michigan for President Trump in 2016, and we've been hard at work building and growing our infrastructure so we can do it again in 2020.

  4. The Robinhood co-founders:

    These changes will take a bit of time to roll out, but our teams are hard at work.

  5. Chad Wolf:

    The report that you reference was at the end of the day a very poorly written report, when I talked to career officials in IA, in the office that produced the report, they also had questions about it. They're hard at work on rewriting that report, putting it in some better context and I hope to see that report out soon.

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1. slang Containing alcohol. They sell a brand of hard lemonade here that is very popular with younger adults.
2. slang Of or pertaining to distilled liquor (as opposed to beer, wine, cider, etc.). I've got some beers, if you want one. Or would you prefer something harder?I've learned not to drink the hard stuff on a night out. I always regret it the next morning.
3. slang Of drugs, extremely dangerous and addictive. I only smoke weed. I never touch the hard stuff.He was hooked on hard drugs by the time he left high school.
4. slang Tough and unfeeling. Ten years in prison would make any person hard.You've gotta be hard to make it in this town.
6. vulgar slang Of a male, having an erect penis.
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1. mod. fermented, as with cider. (see also hard liquor.) This juice got hard. What shall I do with it?
2. mod. having to do with an addictive drug. (Compare this with soft.) Hard drugs are easier to get than ever before.
3. mod. tough. (Akin to hardhearted; hard as nails.) Only the hard guys get through basic training.
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