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As of October 22, 2018, Dragon for Mac has been Discontinued.

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Nuance Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6 vs. Dragon for Mac 5 vs. Apple Dictation

Dragon for Mac v6, v5 and Apple Dictation Compared
FeatureDragon for Mac v6Dragon for Mac v5Apple Dictation
Speech recognitionTurns your voice into text
Up to 99% accurate
All new, next-generation speech engine leveraging Deep Learning technology — 15% more out-of-the-box accuracy than Dragon for Mac 5
Continuous learning—even during dictation—for individually adapted accuracy improvements that enhance the user experience
Optimal accuracy achieved for speakers with accents or in slight noisy environments such as in a cubicle environment
Formatting and other recognition improvements, such as number and email address formatting, hyperlink formatting in auto-texts, and place names based on how we naturally speak, resulting in fewer overall corrections
User interface

Easier to use with improved setup and enhanced user interface and experience:

  • Simple microphone setup
  • Clear Full Text Control indicator on the new Guidance Window
  • Improved Status Window, Correction Window and streamlined Profiles management
  • New License preference pane to manage licenses or subscriptions
  • New automated backups of commands and vocabulary
  • Improved Command management
  • Faster startup time with optimizations throughout
Support for Nuance® Dragon® AnywhereSupport for Nuance® Dragon® Anywhere — Keep auto-texts and custom vocabulary in sync with dictation using Dragon Anywhere on iOS or Android devices
64-bit applicationPure 64-bit application for maximum speed and accuracy
OS SupportSupport for OS X® El Capitan (10.11)
Multiple Sources per ProfileAbility to create multiple dictation sources (more than one type of audio input device) within the same profile sharing a vocabulary
Mobile dictation: recorder
Transcription capabilities, and ability to save transcribed files as Microsoft® Word documents
Allows personal transcription of recordings spoken by the user, leveraging accuracy from Deep Learning technology
Allows personal transcription or transcription of any speaker’s* monologue without training
Transcription Batch Mode: save time if you have multiple audio files to transcribe
Specialized support for wireless and internal microphonesSpecific Bluetooth® and internal microphone acoustic models to optimize recognition from those devices
CorrectionCorrect text by voice and learn from mistakes
Menu walkingSelect items in any menu by voice
Accuracy tuningLanguage Model Optimizer; ability to analyze selected documents to learn your writing style and improve recognition
“Nothing But Speech” filter to automatically eliminate um/ah utterances
Vocabulary editorAdd custom vocabulary words (industry specific terms or proper names for example)
DragonPadDragonPad supports dictation into a text field for which it does not have Full Text Control**; Text can be transferred from the DragonPad to the desired application quickly and easily by voice
Help system and tutorialsComprehensive help system includes tutorial, additional product resources and information Interactive Tutorial introduces you to Dragon, with exercises that demonstrate best practices for dictating, editing and formatting
Enhanced help giving users easier access to top searches, additional tutorial videos, new troubleshooting sections and more
Editing and formatting textFormat text by voice; Quick Voice Formatting (commands to delete/bold/underline/italicize/capitalize/copy/cut text)
Smart Format Rules allow Dragon to adapt upon detecting formatting changes to abbreviations, numbers and more
Command and controlClick/move/drag/position the mouse by voice
Press keys or key combinations by voice
Application support: OS X productivityCommands sets for Mac OS applications including: Finder®, TextEdit, Messages, Notes, Reminders, includes commands for menus and most frequent actions
Application support: social networkingAbility to update Facebook or Twitter by voice regardless of which application is active
Application support: web browsersCommand set for Safari® browser; includes commands for application, file, edit, view, history, bookmark, window, help, links and navigation menus
Application support: local emailCommand set for Mail; includes commands for application, file, edit, view, mailbox, message, format, and window menus
Microsoft Outlook® 2016 — with Full Text Control
Application support: GmailCommand set for Gmail; includes commands for navigating the inbox, composing and replying to emails and Full Text Control
Application support: word processingWord 2011 and 2016 — Full Text Control and built-in commands
Word 2016 — Expanded support including Footnote, Header, Footer and Comments
TextEdit — Full Text Control and built-in commands
Apple® Pages® — with Full Text Control
Literature and Latte Scrivener — with Full Text Control
Application support: spreadsheetApple Numbers® — with Full Text Control
Application support: presentationApple Keynote® — with Full Text Control
Personal administrationAbility to import/export custom word lists and user profiles
Text macros (now called Auto-texts)Easily create commands to insert frequently used text by voice
Advanced custom commandsCreate or import powerful voice commands to automate routine tasks

For more information about Dragon products, chek our pages about Dragon Home v15 and Dragon Professional Individual v15.

Create beautiful books with Vellum software for macOS. Format columns of text in Pages on Mac. You can format a document into two or more columns in which text and graphics flow automatically from one column to the next. You can change the number of columns for only a few paragraphs of your document, for a whole section, and for text in a text box or shape. Click the Erase button at the top of the Disk Utility window. If your Mac uses HFS+, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) from the format list. If your Mac is using APFS, select APFS from the format list. See Troubleshooting for more information on which format to select. Section break that controls the layout and formatting of the preceding section identified by 3. Each section break controls the layout and formatting of the section previous to the break. For example, if you delete a section break, the text before the break acquires all the formatting of the section that follows the break.

* Transcription of third-party speakers may require an additional license for each unique speaker.
** Full Text Control allows you to use voice to perform direct dictation, selection, correction, and cursor movement within text.


As a former long-time user of Dragon Naturally Speaking for the PC, I was eager to see if Dragon Dictation would include the same command syntax. Largely, it has. Here are some tips and a quick reference guide to some of the helpful things you can say during your dictation.

Dragon Professional Individual for Mac is being discontinued effective and will no longer be available for purchase. Customers may still receive telephone support for up to 90-days from date of activating the software in North America and up to 180 days from date of software activation in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia.


Cap to capitalize a word: ‘I was shopping at cap Target'

Caps On for titles: 'I was reading caps on The Washington Post'


All Caps to capitalize the next word: 'Can we go now all caps PLEASE'

All Caps On and All Caps Off are Caps Lock: 'This is all caps on NOT A JOKE all caps off so stop playing'

No Caps, No Caps On, and No Caps Off are the exact opposite of the above: 'I like Amy and no caps amy'

Space Bar not only inserts a space, but can be used to prevent a hyphen in normally hyphenated words: ‘A long-lasting or long space bar lasting peace. ‘

No Space for words you want together: ‘Surf on the World no space Wide no space Web ‘

No Space On & No Space Off for words you want together: ‘I was running no space on reallyreallyfast no space off the entire time ‘


New Line starts the following text on a new line, and New Paragraph begins a new paragraph (effectively 1 and 2 carriage returns, respectively).


Say punctuation: period comma apostrophe open-parenthesis close-parenthesis asterisk open quote close quote. Note that you do not need to say apostrophe for possessive names such as ‘Joe ‘s ‘.

There is a difference between a hyphen — like this — and a dash-like this. Similarly, point (in numbers) and period have spacing differences.

Special symbols “ note that many of these will automatically be placed in context, such as the dollar, cent, degree, percent, and at signs:

  • % – percent sign
  • © “ copyright sign
  • ® – registered sign
  • § – section sign
  • $ – dollar sign
  • ¢ “ cent sign
  • ° – degree sign
  • ^ – caret
  • @ – at sign
  • £ “ pound sterling sign
  • # “ pound sign

Note: You must use cent sign explicitly. Saying ‘The price is fifty three cents ‘ will yield ‘The price is $.53 ‘. Say ‘The price is fifty three cent sign ‘.

Email addresses should generally be prefaced with no caps on; most common domains (such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc) are recognized, but you may have to spell others.

Saying ‘www ‘ will result in the formatting of a URL: ‘ ‘. Oddly, unlike the desktop version, saying ‘http ‘ does not do the same thing in my testing. I got ‘HDTV ‘ instead.

Formatting Sections In Dragon Professional For Mac Os

Hopefully this quick reference will help you make the most of Dragon Dictation. Happy dictating!

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