Deck Building 101 Session 2highlander: The Card Game

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Resident Evil: Deck Building Game has you take on the role of a chosen character sent to investigate reports of people being gruesomely attacked by cannibals. As more evidence of these attacks are discovered, you're investigation leads you to an isolated mansion just outside of the city limits.

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  2. When you build a deck in the game you can have up to two copies of a given card, but the core only contains one copy of each card. A second core will therefore give you a complete playset as you will then have 2 copies of each investigator card (I’ll touch on whether you need a second core a little later).

This social emotional card game, The Game of Feelings, is a super handy tool for exploring feelings and emotions with children aged 8 to 12 years.

The printable card game helps students explore 40 different feelings and emotions, encouraging them to think about, identify with and talk through a wide range of emotions.

The activity cards prompt children to share their experiences of the different emotions, their body’s physical reactions to these feelings and strategies for successfully navigating overwhelming emotions.

Deck building 101 session 2highlander: the card game online

The game can be played as a relationship building tool in the classroom, used in small group or individual counseling sessions, and as a game for family game night. The game cards also make great journaling prompts.

Deck building 101 session 2highlander: the card game free

The Game of Feelings Card Game

What’s included;

  • 32 question/prompt activity cards (4 pages)
  • 40 emotion cards (5 pages)
  • 1 backing sheet
  • Printing and how to play instructions
  • Additional suggestions for using The Game of Feelings cards with children

The game cards are divided into two types: those with a teal background are the activity cards (32 cards in total) and those with a purple background are the emotions cards (40 cards in total). A backing sheet is also included for you to print onto the back of the game cards if you choose – this is optional.

How to Play The Game of Feelings

TIP: The best time to play The Game of Feelings is when everyone feels happy and relaxed. Children find it hard to learn or use new skills when they are already overwhelmed by big feelings.

Get your copy of The Game of Feelings here.

Deck building 101 session 2highlander: the card game download

1. Divide the game cards into two stacks – activity cards (teal) and emotions cards (purple). Shuffle each stack and place it on the
table face down.

2. Choose a player to start. That player takes one activity card and one emotion card from the top of each stack, being careful not to reveal which emotion card they have drawn, and performs the activity listed on the activity card for the chosen emotion card.

The cards can then be returned to the bottom of each card stack or held by the player who drew them.

3. Play moves to the next player and continues around the group.

Deck Building 101 Session 2highlander: The Card Game Walkthrough

Modifications for younger players:
  • Remove the more complex emotions cards from the emotions stack (for example discouraged, confident, amused, etc), starting out with the simpler, more obvious emotions that the children playing are already familiar with (happy, sad, angry). You may wish to print extra copies of these cards.
  • Provide the child with an age appropriate level of support to complete each activity.

Deck Building 101 Session 2highlander: The Card Game Free

Deck Building 101 Session 2highlander: The Card Game

Deck Building 101 Session 2highlander: The Card Game Download

The Game of Feelings is available as an instant download PDF for you to print and play. I strongly suggest printing these onto card stock or matte photo paper and laminating for durability. Available for $7, you can purchase The Game of Feelings here.