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Dan joined the firm in 2017 to conduct fundamental equity research, primarily on high-quality mid- to large-capitalized companies. He works closely with members of the research team on rendering buy/sell recommendations, creating valuation models, and conducting ongoing due diligence. Mintz at the San Diego Comic-Con International in July 2010 Daniel 'Dan' Mintz (born 1981) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice arist, and comedian. He is the voice of Tina Belcher in Bob's Burgers.

DMG Entertainment
TypeProduction Company
FounderDan Mintz
HeadquartersBeverly Hills, CA,
  • Motion Pictures
  • DMG Film
  • DMG TV
  • DMG Interactive
  • Live Entertainment

DMG Entertainment is a global media and entertainment company with holdings and operations across motion pictures, television, comic book publishing, gaming, next-gen technology and location-based entertainment. The studio's most recognizable films include Looper (2012), Iron Man 3 (2013), Playmobil: The Movie (2019), and Bloodshot (2020).


DMG Entertainment began as a film production company that was founded by Dan Mintz, Bing Wu, and Peter Xiao.[1] In the late 2000s, DMG began distribution of non-Chinese films in Chinese theaters, including Twilight and Knowing.[2]


Film production was added to DMG's portfolio in 2009, and its first production was The Founding of a Republic (2009). DMG also contributed to the productions of Looper (2012) and Iron Man 3 (2013) and distributed the films in theaters in China.[1] DMG became involved with Looper as Endgame Entertainment's Chinese partner. After the companies closed the deal in January 2011, changes to film production included casting Chinese actress Summer Qing and setting part of the film in Shanghai. DMG's involvement allowed it to distribute the film in China at the same time as its international premiere, where there was usually 'a blackout period' before non-Chinese films could be screened in China.[3] Although Chinese regulators did not grant Looper official co-production status, DMG's involvement with Looper as a Chinese company permitted its distribution of the film. Variety reported, 'That means that the film could be considered domestically Chinese, which can provide the same benefits as a co-production.'[4]

DMG also contributed as a production partner for Marvel Studios' Iron Man 3, though Disney and DMG withdrew plans to apply for official co-production status in China. Despite the withdrawal, DMG's involvement resulted in inclusion of various Chinese elements such as the casting of Chinese actor Wang Xueqi and footage shot in Beijing. The companies also edited a different version of Iron Man 3 to be distributed in China. The version included a scene with actor Fan Bingbing and 'bonus footage specifically for Chinese viewers'.[4]

It was reported that the company benefited from 'strong connections' with Chinese government officials and the state-run film enterprise China Film Group. The trade paper said, 'The journeys of 'Looper' and 'Iron Man 3' were not exactly smooth, with questions over whether they would qualify as co-productions, which enjoy vital benefits in distribution, immunity from blackout periods and a far greater revenue share.' Mintz said DMG's involvement with the films has helped validate its approach to the Chinese film market.[1]

According to Variety report, In October 2016, DMG Entertainment acquired film and licensing rights to Brandon Sanderson's “Cosmere', a series of interconnected fantasy novels, for future screen adaptation. The company also committed to spending $270 million for the first 3 movies which is about half the budget for the future project.[5]

DMG Interactive[edit]

In 2017, DMG Entertainment launched DMG VR, a new division focused on immersive storytelling. As part of a new project, DMG introduced Arcturus, a DMG subsidiary firm developing interactive VR technologies.[6] In 2016 it became known that, DMG also acquired the VR rights to Hasbro’s Transformers franchise, a live-action attraction and a theme park for Transformers Universe featuring its most notable characters in interactive environment using VR technologies.[7] The first 'digital simulation center' started in spring 2017 in Shanghai. There were also reports on 'DMG developing a Transformers Live show in collaboration with S2BN.'[8]

Valiant Entertainment[edit]

DMG Entertainment was majority shareholder of the books and comics publisher Valiant Comics since 2014, allowing it to have a significant impact on the company's recent development. Following the full acquisition of comic publisher Valiant Entertainment in 2018, DMG added two new divisions - Books & Comics and Video Games, that gave DMG control over Valiant’s interactive library, the third largest Universe of over 2,000 superhero characters including “X-O Manowar” and “Bloodshot”. As a result, DMG had a deal with Valiant to produce five movies based on Bloodshot and Harbinger.[9][10][11]

In September 2019, it was announced that Paramount Pictures had acquired the rights to the Harbinger movie from Sony, with Neal Moritz, Toby Jaffe and Dan Mintz attached as producers.[12][13]DMG’s Valiant Entertainment most recently produced Bloodshot alongside Sony Pictures, starring Vin Diesel as the titular superhero in what's likely to be the first of several comic book movies based in the world of Valiant Comics.[14][15]

DMG’s Valiant Entertainment has teamed with Blowfish Studios, the indie game developer behind such games as Siegecraft and Gunscape, to develop a slate of multiplatform video games featuring the popular characters from the company’s superhero universe. They will start with Valiant Universe Game, the first multi-platform Valiant video game since Acclaim’s acquisition of the company back in the ‘90’s.[16][17] The fan-favorite action-adventure game, Shadow Man Remaster, was announced with Nightdive Studios for release in 2021. The remaster will feature 4K resolution; improved shadow mapping, per-pixel lighting, and anti-aliasing; and the restoration of content that was cut from the original game, among other enhancements.[18]


  • Twilight (2008) – theatrical distribution (China)
  • The Founding of a Republic (2009) – co-production
  • Knowing (2009) – theatrical distribution (China)
  • Go Lala Go! (2010) – co-production
  • Killers (2010) – theatrical distribution (China)
  • RED (2010) – theatrical distribution (China)
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife (2011) – theatrical distribution (China)
  • The Eagle (2011) – theatrical distribution (China)
  • Beginning of the Great Revival (2011) – co-production
  • Love You You (2011) – co-production
  • Priest (2011) – theatrical distribution (China)
  • Repeat I Love You (2012) – co-production
  • Looper (2012) – co-production, theatrical distribution (China)
  • Iron Man 3 (2013) – co-production
  • No Man's Land (2013) – co-production
  • Transcendence (2014) – co-production, theatrical distribution (China)
  • Point Break (2015) – co-production, theatrical distribution (China)
  • Collide (2015) – co-production
  • Terminator 2 3D (2016) – theatrical distribution (China)[19]
  • Blockers (2018) – co-production[20]
  • Bloodshot (2020) – co-production[15]


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Dan Mintz Founder Of Dmgtalkingrenew Dead

Dan Mintz is the founder and CEO of DMG Entertainment, the parent company of Valiant Entertainment. After DMG acquired a partial interest in Valiant Comics in 2015, Mintz made the call to fully acquire the company’s vast library of IP in 2018, bringing with it an exciting new future for Valiant Entertainment.

Mintz brings decades of tremendous filmmaking experience, accompanied with a vision to expand Valiant’s rich interconnected universe across a wide spectrum of mediums including film, television and experiential gaming. The resources brought by Dan Mintz and DMG Entertainment promises to introduce creative new experiences to Valiant fans new and old; bringing to life the unique, intricate narratives of the Valiant Comic character universe.

No stranger to the comic book world, Minz played a key role in the production of Marvel’s blockbuster movie Iron Man 3, which grossed over $1.2 billion at the box office. He also produced the critically-acclaimed sci-fi hit Looper in 2012.

Under the leadership of Dan Mintz, DMG Entertainment signaled its intent for launching the new Valiant cinematic universe by signing a five-picture deal with Sony Pictures. The first of these movies, Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel, was released in March 2020 and will be followed by movies for other Valiant fan favorites Harbinger, Faith and Shadowman.

Dan Mintz on why DMG Entertainment is the right fit for Valiant:

“I believe that as a creator, you’re at your best when you’re working with material you’re passionate about, and that feels authentic to you. The kind of material that allows you to dig deep into the core of a character or the human condition. The richness and maturity of the Valiant comic book universe is therefore a perfect fit for me.

Comic books, to me, are the anchor of pop culture. The enormous diversity of Valiant characters makes them particularly relevant to our time, and they bring with them an amazing worldview that you just don’t see in the older comic universes. Having worked on these films before, I think I have a sense of how to approach the process.

Dan Mintz on the attraction of the Valiant universe:

Valiant has always been a bit edgier with a global worldview. These are big, epic adventures that span thousands of years, and they’re centered around characters with three-dimensional problems. They’re stories that have attracted hardcore fans for over 30 years.

So the problems of the characters I think are much more relevant. A little more human than superhuman even, on some level, the challenges that they have and the way that they make decisions is really fascinating to me. I think that’s a big part of what makes Valiant so unusual and exciting to explore.

Dan Mintz on how DMG Entertainment’s ownership of Valiant will differ from Disney and Marvel:

Honestly, we are the wrecking crew for this space. It’s no disrespect to anybody else. They’re great and they’re going to continue to be great, nothing we do will ever change that about them. But there is a lot to explore in this – comic books are not a single, one-note, one-trick pony.

Dan mintz founder of dmgtalkingrenew congress

Essentially, Disney is the IBM of the entertainment industry…it’s just really big and very difficult to be. They can’t stand on anti-establishment. They’re not raising the pirate flags, so to speak. At our size, we have agility and freedom to really push the boundaries and explore the enormous depth and diversity of the Valiant universe without the kinds of constraints that come with being so big, with so many stakeholders.

Dan Mintz on what he learned from working on Iron Man 3:

After finishing Iron Man 3, I realized, ‘Well I don’t own Iron Man, I don’t own Marvel and I certainly don’t own DC, and to be able to build a platform, build on something, there’s only one universe left.’ That’s it, there’s only three of these, and as you know Valiant is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much there to really develop and it’s an amazing platform.

Dan Mintz on building a consistent Valiant universe:

Dan Mintz Founder Of Dmgtalkingrenew Congress

It’s fortunate in your life if ever you do hit a franchise, but a universe even more so because there’s a certain consistency in the team that you have. And the team needs to understand the story, needs to understand the characters, needs to understand the universe really better than any single person coming in. So you can expect more strong storytelling with a defined road to other platforms; I’m looking forward to bringing the writers close to the filmmaking process, not keeping them siloed into the comic book area.

Dan Mintz reveals his favorite Valiant character:

I think that the Immortal Brothers anchor the universe because they’re 10,000-year-old characters that have seen everything, and of the three immortals, the Eternal Warrior has traveled through all of the stories in and out.If I had to choose one character, it would be the Eternal Warrior.”

Dan Mintz on DMG’s plans for creating Valiant TV series:


Dan Mintz Founder Of Dmgtalkingrenew Death

TV is a big push for us, connecting both vertically and horizontally across TV, across film, and through those two. Which I think we’re in a very unique position to do just because of our size, the nimbleness of what we’re doing. We’re not conflicted with a lot of different ownership and I think that that’ll help speed that process up quite a bit.