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Cube Field Hackedwatermelon Gaming Keyboard

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Cubefield hacked watermelon gamingHackedwatermelonCubefield Hacked is a game that leaves an impression on you, It has an original story and navigation activities. This game trains your brain skills, perception, and concentration. Brain skills can help you during activities like sports and driving. Objective is to move left or right with the arrow keys. You have to avoid all yellow, orange, and red cubes. In the next levels of the game, the background changes its colors. First level has a gray background with white skies. Then all the colors change to black with a bit of fluorescent green.This may be annoying but pay no attention that is the point of the game. Cubefield Hacked is an excellent game to be played online, it will keep you hooked whit its distinctive graphic and gameplay. Great number of levels will keep you occupied, and you will enjoy every moment of the game.This game may fool you at first, but it really is a very difficult experience, believe me. As you get further through the game, it will get increasingly faster and difficult. It takes a lot of patience and effort to get through the levels but it’s definitely worth it in the end Cubefield Hacked is a very fast paced game, and requires a lot of concentration and focus because you must pay a lot of attention to the cubes or they will kill you. You should play this game in full screen if you plan on navigating your ship properly. That will make your concentration and focus on driving your ship through the field of cubes easier. Give the Cubefield Hacked a go, you will not be disappointed. This game is certainly worth playing as it will improve your motor skills coordination and your mood. With interesting graphic, original gameplay and sound effects this is one of the best flash games you can play on the internet.

Cube Field Hackedwatermelon Gaming Chair

You control a small spaceship that flies through the cube field at a rather high speed and you must try to avoid hitting them. You can go left of right to avoid the crush. Keep in mind that this game does not have campaign mode or levels, you just play until you hit something and get your score.

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