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You can download CrossFire by clicking on the download button on this page

After you download the installer, run the installer and the installation wizard will guide you through the process.

CrossFire is an innovative tool for creating professional quality crossword puzzles. It has been designed from the ground up to provide all the power you need, without any added complexity to get between you and your creative muse. Parallels is the virtualization software that allows you to run Windows and Microsoft Flight Simulator on Mac OS with the help of virtualization. This program can be outlined for DirectX 11 support using Apple Metal. The meaning of it is that your Mac can render 3D graphics up to 15 percent faster than other programs. Recommended; Processor (CPU) AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 2.4GHz Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T6400 2.0GHz: AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200 Processor @ 3.1GHz (4 Cores), 3.4GHz.

Here is a detailed guide of the installation process:

Step 1: Go to the Download page. Press the Download button to begin downloading the client.

Step 2: If a download pop-up appears, depending on your Internet Browser click on Run to run the program from your temporary system cache or click Save if you would like to keep the install file for later use. The client will then begin to download.

Step 3a: Once the download is complete, the program will begin to install.
If you clicked Save on step 2 then you will need to double click on the Cross Fire installer icon located in the directory that you saved it in.

Step 3b: If you are using Vista, a security message may popup asking you to not run the program if you do not know where it is from. Click Allow to continue the installation. Depending on your Windows version and your Firewall or Antivirus program you might get a message asking to confirm the application as safe.

Step 4: The installer window will pop up. Confirm the folder destination where the CrossFire installer file will be located or choose your own folder. Click on Next to continue.

Step 5: Once the download is completed, click Open to continue.

Step 6: The installation window will pop up. Click Next to continue.

Crossfire for mac

Crossfire Mac Download

Step 7: After reading and agreeing to the license, you can press Next to continue.

Step 8: Confirm the folder destination where the game CrossFire will be installed or choose your own folder. Click on Next to continue.

Step 9: Select where the Start Menu shortcut folder for Cross Fire will be created. Click on Next to continue.

Step 10: Choose Desktop icon/Quick Launch icon if you want to have those shortcuts on your system. Click on Next to continue.


Step 11: Confirm that everything is OK and press Install to start the installation.

Step 12: Installation processing, please wait. This may take a few minutes to complete.

Step 13: Once the installation has completed, press Finish to close installation window.

Step 14: You can launch the game from the various launch icons you can choose to place on your desktop or start menu.

Download and Play “CrossFire: Legends” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Crossfire for mac

Counter-Strike and PUBG

As a game that blends the art of counter strike and PUBG, this is the most active game that you will ever play. Available for both iOS and Android gamers, it is also easy to Download Crossfire: Legends for PC. You can count on the exciting gameplay as all you have to do is aim and fire! Crossfire: Legends is all about PVP player modes that include an all-new battle royale which features up to 120 players who are roaming a large map. Apart from this, players can also partake in deathmatches, demolition and other 20 game modes that will keep you highly occupied. Tencent Games was aiming for a versatile mobile shooter game and this is exactly what they created!

Go To Battle

When you Download Crossfire: Legends for PC, you will join in a battle between Black List and Global Risk. These are two mercenary groups that are undergoing global conflict. This takes place through a myriad of maps. The maps offer everything from close combat in a confined ship to maze-like open battles. It does not matter whether it is the 5v5 PVP matches or battle royale mode because this game knows how to push the limits. The fact you can Download Crossfire: Legends for PC makes the game much more exciting.

More Than Just A Game

Crossfire For Mac

Crossfire: Legends has proven to be one of the most successful mobile games. No wonder it has been drawing considerable attention! The Tencent team did not leave any stone unturned. All players can make the same weapon control feeling that they will have on pc. This is more than just a game. It goes out of its way to meet all of its player’s needs and preferences.

Tips and Ricks For Playing Crossfire: Legends

· Understand the in-game currency
Crossfire: Legends comes with a number of in-game currencies that will enable you to acquire different items and resources as you play the game. There is nothing better than upgrading your gear.

· Access the in-game currency
The game currency can be accessed by winning matches depending on how well you perform. You can also partake in the missions to win gold, gems and other items. This is quite simple to achieve as long as you get enough gaming time. The daily rewards are also good for currency and leveling up is equally a passive source of income.

· Team up
As a player, you will be given the option to select whether you want to be a loner or work with a squad. In this game, you need all of the help that you can get.

· Choose the best weapon combos
This is totally dependent on your playing style but even so, it is highly important to choose the best combination of weapons. For instance, matching up a saw with an assault raffle will take it possible to enjoy close-quarter and long-range combat.

· Land carefully
It is best to land with your team in the best spot. Stay together and drastically increase your chances for survival. If you play solo, land away from the main flight path to reduce the number of enemies you have to face.

· Keep to the edges
Battles are highly intense when you fight from the central area of the map. Play at the edge to escape death and easily eliminate the number of attacking angles.


About CrossFire: Legends:


Developer: Tencent Games
Download: Android and iOS

How to play

How to play CrossFire: Legends on PC (3 Easy Steps):

  1. Login in your Google account

    You can find step by step guides bellow:

    How to install BluestacksHow to install MemuPlay
  2. Install CrossFire: Legends from the Google Store.Enjoy playing CrossFire: Legends on your favorite PC!
Download and Install CrossFire: Legends on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free