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26th February 2013 - Fraps 3.5.99 Released

Changelog for Patch 1.3.2 (added 01 March 2019): - Printed message when game can not write log.txt file Changelog for Patch 1.3.2b (added 01 March 2019): - Game no longer writes log.txt file, as it was being blocked by anti virus software. Games released before 2017 have no support for HDR output, unless it was patched in later or enabled through the use of a third-party mod. Windows 10 v1703 ('Creators Update') or later as well as a HDR compatible graphics card, connection, and display are required in order to actually be able to show HDR content inside of only a window. By Steven Asarch On 3/8/19 at 2:09 PM EST. And by March 2018 that number had doubled. 'He's just some closed-in nerdy kid that sits at his computer playing games all day and puts on a.

Fraps 3.5 adds the much requested feature to allow AVI movie files larger than 4 gigabytes. Fraps will now write hybrid OpenDML/AVI files and allow large movies on NTFS drives. There's still an option to split at 4 gigabytes for legacy AVI 1.0 support.

Please be aware that the minimum system requirements have changed in Fraps 3.5.0. We now require a CPU with SSE2 instructions (Pentium 4 & above). Windows XP or higher is also now required. If you have an older system (Win2K or non-SSE2 CPU) you can still download the previous Fraps 3.4.7 release from the download page.

22nd October 2011 - Fraps 3.4.7 Released

The latest version of Fraps includes an update to the loop recording mode, allowing you to specify a custom length for the buffer (rather than the default 30 seconds). To activate the recording loop simply press and hold your video capture hotkey until the Fraps counter turns pink, indicating that loop recording has begun.

We have also included new optimizations for recording at high resolutions such as 1920x1080 (1080P). Performance gains should be seen in most OpenGL and DirectX games with Fraps 3.4.


15th March 2011 - Fraps 3.3.3 Released

Microsoft have just released a new service pack for Windows 7 and we've updated Fraps to support Windows 7 SP1.

There's also a new option in Fraps to only capture the external sound input while a hotkey is pressed. This isuseful for people recording their microphone while using push-to-talk in their voice comms software.

10th February 2011 - Fraps 3.2.9 Released

Fraps 3.2 brings a new feature for registered users - loop recording, constantly capture the previous 30 seconds of video.

To start the buffering press and hold the video capture hotkey for a second. The Fraps counter will turn pink to show that video is being cached. When you want to save the action simply tap the capture hotkey and the recording will continue as normal (including the previous 30 seconds of footage).

Never miss a moment again.

Fraps, or it didn't happen!


4th March 2010 - Fraps 3.1.2 Released

Fraps 3.1 gives you the option to capture video with or without a locked framerate. If you have a fast machine you can now play your games at a higher speed than the target movie framerate.

We are also aware that quite a few people with Intel i5/i7 configurations were having difficulty loading Fraps on Windows 7. This issue has been fixed in the new release.

21st November 2009 - Fraps 3.0.3 Released

New features and a new look! Fraps is now compatible with Windows 7 and the latest DirectX 11 games.

Ventrilo & TeamSpeak users have long wanted a way to record their microphone and speakers at the same time. For Windows 7 and Vista we've added realtime sound mixing to our video recording so you can now capture both sides of the conversation!

NVIDIA have recently included stereoscopic 3D support directly into their drivers. If you play your DirectX9 (D3D9) game with 3D Vision enabled you can use Fraps to record the game in full 3D too! You'll get a side-by-side stereo AVI recording that you can drop straight in to a stereoscopic 3D player!

Finally, we are aware that more and more people are putting Fraps to professional use. We've added a new option to force lossless RGB compression to ensure that you always have the highest quality video output to work with.

We hope you enjoy Fraps 3!


16th October 2009 - Fraps 2.9.99 Released

Fraps has just turned TEN, version 1.0 being released all the way back on August 25, 1999!

Looking back it's kind of hard to believe how much has changed since those early days of DirectX and 3D graphics. From simple beginnings we've seen the prevalence of real-time benchmarking, and the emergence of the amazing machinima community from video captured in-game.

A very special thank you to all who have helped Fraps evolve and improve over the last decade!

3rd January 2009 - Fraps 2.9.8 Released

Fraps 2.9 adds support for Vista and DirectX 10 games. With games starting to appear using DirectX 10 graphics we are happy to report that benchmarking, video capture, and screenshots are now all fully supported for these titles.

Vista also includes a rewritten audio subsystem. Fraps can take advantage of this and directly record a sound stream from the machine without requiring any support from thesoundcard driver. This allows you to capture ingame audio even if you are using a USB headset or other audio device which does not normally support a 'Stereo Mix' or 'What U Hear' recording input.

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Since the Vista Desktop Window Manager (DWM) runs through DirectX we have also added a new option to monitor the desktop under Vista. You can now take screenshots and record video from the desktop just like any other game or 3D application.


21st December 2006 - Fraps 2.8.2 Released

Got Dual Core? For video capture we're happy to announce the removal of resolution restrictions on multi-core systems. So whether you want to record in 1280x1024 or go for HD 1080p you now have the choice :)

We're also proud to once again be a sponsor of the Machinima Film Festival. For anyone interested in the convergence of games and cinema this is THE event to attend and we look forward to seeing the year's best Machinima. If you're in the New York area on Nov 4th-5th please consider checking out the festival and saying hi!

18th June 2006 - Fraps 2.7.4 Released

The latest Fraps 2.7 release adds support for the new Logitech® G15™ keyboard. The G15 features an inbuilt LCD display and with Fraps you can now see an FPS history graph during your gaming sessions. Reviewers will also like the fact that there is a counter keeping track of timed benchmarks. For those who preferrecording movies without the overlay on screen you will also find a separate indicator for video capture.

We've also spent a lot of time optimizing the video capture routines with big gains on many configurations (up to 20% faster on single core CPUs). Great for capturing high resolutions with smooth frame rates.


15th August 2005 - Fraps 2.6.4 Released

A number of fixes have been included in the latest Fraps release. Some commonproblems have been resolved so we recommend all users check the changelog andupdate to the latest version.

15th June 2005 - Fraps 2.6.0 Released

This major update adds a much requested feature to directly specify the video capture frame rate. You can now enter any value from 10 fps up to 100 fps with three decimal places of precision. Great for capturing directly to many common video formats including 23.976, 29.97, and 59.94 fps.

Hardware mouse cursors are a feature in many modern games and you now have the ability to capture the screen with or without the cursor overlay. Simply select the No Cursor option to prevent the HW cursor from being saved in your film.

We've introduced a new 64-bit video capture engine for games such as Far Cry and Chronicles of Riddick now available in native Windows x64 format. 64-bit code offers many performance advantages and we will be continuing to optimize in this area with future releases.

A brief reminder to please ensure that your video drivers are up to date. This means at least the 71.89 Forceware drivers available from nVidia, or the 5.6 Catalyst drivers from ATI. The 5.6 Catalysts fix a lot of issues with OpenGL and are highly recommended for Radeon owners.


7th April 2005 - Fraps 2.5.5 Released

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR NVIDIA 6600/6800 SLI OWNERS: It has been brought to our attention that SLI render modes in the 71.84 drivers will not activate with Fraps 2.5.3 (and earlier) running in the background. This results in games always running with Single-GPU performance.

All SLI users are urged to update to the latest Fraps which does not conflict with SLI rendering.

Special thanks to Chris Ray (nV News) and Brent Justice (HardOCP) for identifying this issue.

10th December 2004 - Fraps 2.5.0 Released

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It's now five years since Fraps was first released to the public. To help celebrate the milestone we've released the next major update, Fraps 2.5

There's something for everyone with 60 fps recording, HDTV 1280x720 supprt, and extra lossless compression that reduces the burden on hard drives without sacrificing quality. If screenshots are more your thing it's also now possible to automatically capture screens at fixed rate intervals.

We've also taken advantage of the latest benefits in CPU and bus technology. Think nothing can take advantage of PCI-Express? Think again! Fraps 2.5 can process hundreds of megabytes of video data and make full use of the extra bandwidth.

At this point we'd like to extend a very special thanks to all who have supported the program over the years. Your help, suggestions, and registrations have all been instrumental in getting Fraps to the stage it is now and we hope you enjoy the latest release.

We're also very much looking forward to the next five years :)


20th October 2004 - Fraps 2.3.3 Released

Fraps has been updated to accommodate changes in the new Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) release. All XP users should update to the latest version. Fraps 2.3 also allows screenshots to be saved in JPG and PNG formats which are better suited for posting directly to the Internet.

29th July 2004 - Fraps 2.2.5 Released

DirectX 9.0c is now officially out! We strongly recommend anyone who has updated to the latest version of DirectX to also install Fraps 2.2.5 for the best video capture performance. The changes for Fraps 2.2.5 are listed below:



11th June 2004 - Fraps 2.2.0 Released

It's time to revisit the classics, Fraps can now capture 256 color mode games! Being fans of retrogaming ourselves we figured it was time to extend support to the earliest of DirectX games. So dig out your old favourites and give them a try in the latest Fraps release, you might be surprised with the results!

With an eye to the past we are also strongly focused on the future. Fraps 2.2.0 can capture the latest DirectX 9 titles better than ever before, especially when run at extreme resolutions! If you love playing at 1280x1024 you'll definitely want to check out this version.

22nd May 2004 - Fraps 2.1.1 Released

A new maintenance release of Fraps 2.1 is available. This includes the following fixes:


24th March 2004 - Fraps 2.1.0 Released

Fraps enters the 64-bit arena with support for machines with AMD Athlon 64/FX processors! Benchmarking and screen capture features are operating for 64-bit DirectX 9 and OpenGL applications. The only requirement is a 64-bit edition of Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server.

There have been numerous improvements to the video capture engine with much smoother movies for high-end machines. Direct X 9 capture speeds have also improved so you'll notice benefits recording the latest games.

Benchmarking overhaul for enthusiasts and reviewers! Timed benchmarks are a new feature (automatically stops the benchmark after a fixed time period). There's also the ability to output detailed statistics for each run directly to CSV files.

NEW 12/8/20
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IMPORTANT Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 have reached the end of mainstream support and are now in extended support. Starting in July 2020, there will no longer be optional, non-security releases (known as 'C' releases) for this operating system. Operating systems in extended support have only cumulative monthly security updates (known as the 'B' or Update Tuesday release).

For information about the various types of Windows updates, such as critical, security, driver, service packs, and so on, please see the following article. To view other notes and messages, see the Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 update history home page.

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  • Security updates to Windows Graphics, Windows Peripherals, and Windows Core Networking.

For more information about the resolved security vulnerabilities, please refer to the new Security Update Guide website.

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Do one of the following:

  • Perform the operation from a process that has administrator privilege.

  • Perform the operation from a node that doesn’t have CSV ownership.

Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.

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