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Hello to all the make up lovers out there! I was recently asked to do a blog post on some of the make up looks I’ve done using the chocolate bar palette by Too Faced, especially as I love it so much, which you will know if you’ve read my first post! So I thought, why not, because although there are plenty of looks on my instagram (laurens_makeupxo) account, if your not following me you won’t see them! Also on here I can explain the application step by step, so here goes…

This first look I wore when I was meeting up with some friends for a few drinks (I’m sorry they are screen shots from my instagram page but it wouldn’t let me crop them for some reason, oops!)

Brush for highlighter

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Brush to use for highlighter

Brush To Use For Highlighter

1. I put the colour ‘strawberry bon bon’ all over my eyelid 2. I then put the colour ‘milk chocolate in the crease and softly blended it upwards. 3. Using the colour ‘salted caramel’ I got a flat brush and put it onto the crease and blended it out to the outer corner making the crease look like it had more depth. 4. I then put a small amount of the colour ‘marzipan’ on the inner corner of my lid, this colour is lighter making my eyes look brighter. 5. Lastly I went back over the centre of the lid with the colour ‘strawberry bon bon’ making sure there was a real ‘pop’ of colour’.

This next look is a lot more neutral as I was off to work.

1. Over the entire eyelid I used the colour ‘white chocolate’ as I wanted to keep this look as light as possible. 2. I then blended the colour ‘marzipan’ from the middle of the lid to the outer corner. I had to blend quite a lot to make sure there were no hard lines where the two different colours were. 3. I used the colour ‘semi-sweet’ in the crease of the lid and blended this upwards. 4. Lastly I used the colour ‘amaretto’ on the outer corner and blended it down into the crease, this gave off a very slight hint of deep purple.

Brush for highlighter

For the last look I’m going to show you an evening look.

1. I used the colour ‘semi-sweet’ all over the eyelid. 2. I then blended the colour ‘milk chocolate’ from the crease upwards. 3. In the crease I used a flat brush and blended in the colour ‘triple fudge’ creating a more Smokey look. 4. In the outer corner I then put the colour ‘Black forest’ gradually blending it into the crease slightly. I didn’t blend it all the way across the crease however. 5. I then added the colour ‘marzipan’ to the inner corner of my eye which gave off a really nice light glow. 6. Lastly i added some false eyelashes (Eyelure no.116 – I think, I’ve lost the box now, sorry) because what evening wear look is complete without false eyelashes?!

Brush For Highlighter


In each look I have used the Urban Decay eyeliner ‘Ink for eyes’, I love it!!

Feel free to check out my instagram page Laurens_makeupxo

Thank you for reading, I hope you like these looks! xx