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Nonograms is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions. The rules are simple. You have a grid of squares, which must be either filled in black or marked with X. Beside each row of the grid are listed the lengths of the runs of black squares on that row. Cakes that have lots of ice cream in them can be really tough to create. This baker still wants to see if she can make not just one but several of these delightful desserts in the kitchen at her cake shop. Can you help her find all of the ingredients she’ll need to accomplish this tricky task in t. Games and puzzles that are intellectually challenging give your brain a workout. Over time, when one type of puzzle becomes easy for you, try a more advanced version or a new game. In order to benefit your mind, puzzles must always be challenging and engaging. We know this is frustrating, but please try one of our other high quality free online games. Browse All Games.

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Big Sandwich Decoanne 28 online, free Games Online

Prepare for a creepy and brain-wracking horror story! This game will bring you to an event that happened with two young kids. One day, they were having fun and playing. Then they heard that an ice cream cab is in the town. Oh well, this means that the time has come to have some ice cream! They never thought that this will end with a horrible adventure when their lives are in danger. So the two boys run to the car, meet a nice fellow who sells them some tasty ice cream, and then one of the boys disappears. He is your friend and the last thing you can see is an ice cream seller taking him inside of the cab. The scene was not very friendly – your pall seemed to be covered with ice and the man had a creepy expression on his face. Where are his politeness and adorable smile?


It seems like you became a victim of a hidden psycho-maniac. He planned to kidnap both of you, but you have noticed that and that is why you are still here. This means that you need to rescue your friend, because there is nobody else who can do that with your or instead of you. Yes, this is a risky affair – entering a cab, all dark and gloomy, where a real killer is present. And chances are that there are more people inside of this cab and all of them are the victims. You will enter the car courageously and try to find out the mystery of the man and his ice cream. Hint by hint, you will gather a story in a whole piece and learn what is going on here and who is this guy. Where did he get these superpowers that allow him to freeze people with his hands? What can you do to defeat him and save your friend?


Big Sandwich Decoanne 28 online, free Games For Girls

The game is creepy, but actually there are no such tricks as jumpscares, blood, or violence here. The scary atmosphere is created by the feeling you get when you enter the cab. It is mystical and strange, everything is so abnormal that your knees shiver. Also, you are in a condition of constant fear and readiness that an ice cream seller will appear. And he will, if you will make a noise. This guy hears you and he knows that you are here, so he will surely try to get you – of course, you are not in his plans unless you lie on the floor covered with ice and being unconscious. Try to run away from him when he gets close – you need to trick him and make him confused. The game is full of challenging puzzles that will make turn your logical skills on. Be attentive and try to solve the puzzles carefully while avoiding the ice cream man. When you solve all of them, you will finally get to the place where your pall is hidden and find out everything about this strange and mysterious guy from a cab with ice cream. Good luck and try to stay alive.