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Part 1

1. SQLiteManager

Features and functions:

· Thisfree database software for Macprovides a complete support platform for REALSQL servers.

· The SQLiteManager not just supports SQLite2 and SQLLite3, but also supports the conversion of a SQLite2 database into one of SQLite3.

· This database software provides certain advanced features that have been built into the software, such as query optimizer, language reference and virtual machine analyzer, etc.

Pros of SQLiteManager:


· Most database operations - be it insert, delete, table view, triggers - all are handled effectively by SQLiteManager. Tables can be dropped, created, or renamed with no hindrance.

Knack is easily the best database software for Mac users by some distance. Knack is everything that Microsoft Access and traditional database software isn’t – elegant, simple to use yet still powerful. Amazingly, Knack requires absolutely no coding experience at all although for those that know what they’re doing, you can tweak it manually. Records is a new, powerful database app for the Mac that lets you collect and organize all of your important information in one place. You can keep an inventory of items in your home, a recipe collection, and much more using the app's templates. Records is designed and built exclusively for OS X Yosemite. Records allows you to create a number of different types of databases.

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  • One of the best Mac apps out there. The design is beautiful! 🙏 helpful 2 Comments Share. Folder Structure based in Cloud,Best Database Table Design Editor ever.

· This database software not just helps as a query machine but also helps generate reports effectively.

· Blob data can be read and shown by SQLiteManager in TIFF, JPEG, or QuickTime format.

· Importing and/or exporting mechanism is effectively handled.

Cons of SQLiteManager:

· Although frequently used SQL queries are specially categorized, it is a drawback that frequently used databases are not listed up separately. Using the file dialogue each time does get tedious.

· This database manager works perfect for simple queries but fails to handle complex or large filter criteria.

Best database software for mac 2020

User comments/reviews:

· SQLiteManager is a fairly thorough app. It provides a neat GUI into SQLite if you know your SQL.

Best Database App For Mac

· It offers basic data viewing/editing facilities.

· Unlike many alternative applications, SQLiteManager does open SQLite database files on AppleShare volumes, uses a proper Mac OS Cocoa GUI (not ugly Java) and allows editing of views.

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