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Battlefield 1942

Popular strategic war simulation game for the PC

Battlefield 1942 + Expansions PC Game Battle it out in intense WWII combat action. Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition packs the original Battlefield 1942 and The Road to Rome expansion into one box set. Choose your weapon and then jump into an all-out, raging firefight in the South Pacific, North Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, and Italy. The original Battlefield, now available free. Battlefield 1942 is now available totally free, to celebrate ten years of the Battlefield franchise. Despite it's age, this is still a stellar mulitplayer game, pitching two teams of 32 players against each other in a variety of now classic maps. Description With online multiplayer support for up to 64 players, the WWII experience hits close to home in Battlefield 1942. Be brave and never falter-your fellow soldiers are counting on you.

Battlefield1942 is a classic first-person shooter game which has been popular since its release …

Battlefield 1942 Free Online Gameplay

PRO: Addictive and easy to get into
CON: Terrible single player campaign
Vote: 7.0/10 (1674 votes) Platform: Windows

Battlefield: Vietnam 1.2

First-person shooter game that’s based on the Vietnam Conflict

… Prepare to do Battle in VietnamBattlefield Vietnam is a new spin on the game Battlefield1942

PRO: Interesting asymmetric team matchups
CON: Limited opportunities for online multiplayer matches
Vote: 7.1/10 (643 votes) Platform: Windows

Battlefield Play4Free

Battlefield Play4Free is an online first-person shooter

… has to offer. In fact, this is the very same line of games that brought players Battlefield1942

PRO: 32 player games
CON: Offputting for new players
Vote: 6.9/10 (818 votes) Platform: Windows

Battlefield 1942 Single-player Demo 2.5

3-D shooting game that simulates various military campaigns and other operations during World War II

Vote: 7.7/10 (48 votes) Platform: Windows

Battlefield 2.7.4

Fight in the battlefield with the Black Ops

Vote: 4.0/5 (49 votes) Platform: Android

1942 Pacific Front 1.7.0

Experience World War 2 battles in this new military game!

Vote: 4.0/5 (60 votes) Platform: Android

Air Fighter 1942 1.0.3


Air Fighter 1942 , The best classic vertical scroll shooter game

Vote: 3.5/5 (107 votes) Platform: Android

Battlefield Hardline Beta

Battlefield 1942 Free Online Game Pc

First-person shooter that takes place on the battlefield


… A battlefield game focusing on crime and policing; the war on crimeTraditional battlefield games …

PRO: Can still destroy the environment
CON: Cop or criminal specific weapons are uneven
Vote: 6.4/10 (205 votes) Platform: Windows

Battlefield Heroes

Third-person war shooter game from EA DICE

Battlefield 1942 Free Online Games

PRO: Free
CON: Currently you can't create your own party games
Vote: 7.0/10 (508 votes) Platform: Windows

Battlefield 2 1.3

A full patch that comes with all booster packs

Battlefield 1942 Free Online Game1942

Vote: 6.2/10 (317 votes) Platform: Windows