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Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire is the fifth and final game in the Quest for Glory computer game series by Sierra FX, a former 'sub brand' of Sierra On-Line.Unlike the first four games, Dragon Fire is primarily an action role-playing game with some elements of graphical adventure. 'A man may deal with theory, and miss the whole impact of the truth.' Campbell Morgan.

1 Abramson, B, The Design of belief network-based systems for price forecastiong. 20, (1994), 163-180. Google Scholar Digital Library; 2.

  1. Star Control 3 is an action-adventure science fiction game with strategic elements. The gameplay combines features from the first two Star Control games. Whereas all three games feature ship-to-ship combat, this game recreates a colonization system last seen in the first Star Control, with story, exploration, and dialog similar to the second game.
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'Cathie Walker surfs hard so you don't have to. Get links to all kinds of diversions in categories from Random Silliness to Sites of Dubious Taste.' -- Entertainment Weekly

“When people want to waste time on the Internet, the last thing they want is to waste time finding new ways to waste time. Enter Cathie Walker’s Centre for the Easily Amused, a Web site devoted in roughly equal parts to off-kilter humour, time-wasting, and semi-thought-provoking ephemera.”-- National Post

“Ms. Walker runs from a home office decked out in Pez dispensers, Furbies and other toys. She’s funny in person, and works hard entertaining the world.” -- Wall Street Journal

“Cathie Walker’s is the Cinderella story of the Internet. It’s the tale of the secretary-cum cyber queen that is not just about another teen computer geek turned DotCom billionaire by 30.”-- Victoria Times-Colonist

'Cathie Walker is world famous and gets 100,000 visitors a day, but she's probably better-known in Manhattan than her home town. She's no bleary-eyed nerd. She's funny, with an air of 'still-can't-believe-it-happened-to-me'. -- Victoria Times-Colonist

'Walker attributes part of her success to luck, but it also has plenty to do with her ability to network like an anthill on fire. She’s the person to call for anyone in Victoria hoping to break big on the web.” -- Monday Magazine

“Cathie Walker is not your typical dot-com executive. Oh sure, she has a high-paying job running one of the Net's most popular entertainment sites. She jets back and forth regularly to New York City for meetings, where she is met by limo at the airport. She has just received an important promotion, with a generous budget and the discretion to spend it as she wishes. Her brainchild - Amused.Com - has been profiled in USA Today, ZDNet, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Is this the same woman who works in her pajamas and has affectionately nicknamed her Mac computers Antonio and Enrique, and her Windows laptop Damien Evil Spawn?”-- Victoria Times-Colonist

“Out of all the accomplishments that has attained, its biggest is the stamina and cult following it has accumulated by developing personal rather than business relationships with other sites and giving them a share of the spotlight instead of hogging it. Cathie has always been eager to share traffic with other sites, and it pays. The common attitude in this business treats the Web like television -- if people are looking at my site, they can't be looking at yours. Cathie's approach ignores that fallacy and realizes that someone looking for a chuckle may look at a dozen sites. If they are looking at ours and find something funny, we're happy. If they're looking at our site and find a link to your site where they find something funny, we're happy, too.” -- The Daily Texan

“Cathie got where she got by viewing everyone as a potential collaborator, rather than competition. She went out of her way to promote anyone she thought was good. She’d post your stuff, let you link through her. Of course, that put her at the center of the community – she has become the link, the center.” -- Sally Helgesen, Thriving in 24/7: 6 Strategies for Taming the new World of Work

“The single best guide to all the wackiness and inanity on the Web.” -- CNN

“Notorious Web time-waster.” -- New York Times

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“This is one of many cool sites I found out about through the highly recommended Centre for the Easily Amused.” -- Dave Barry, Dave Barry in Cyberspace

“Although she never intended to focus her site on one audience in particular, Cathie has become the Pied Piper of teenagers.” -- Eric Steinert & Thomas E. Bleier, Net.people

“…a playful person who was able to fuse her creativity, technical curiosity and the organizational skills she learned as a secretary into an online career.” -- Vancouver Province


“Take out your cubicle-induced resentment on a goldfish (torture methods include the kitty-paw and good old electroshock). Follow the crazy comedic links to shtick galore. Use the Amuse-o-Matic 2000 to generate pre-fab pop songs (simply fill in the blanks and prepare to whine your way up the charts). Are you starting to get the idea?” -- Shift Magazine's Top 100 Websites

“Offering light relief for weary digerati.” -- 50 International Names to Know, Online Journalism Review

“Cathie Walker exemplifies how the lessons of AOL can be applied on an individual level. She built her business entirely by using the principles of the inclusive web, operating from a position of generosity. She’s a prime example of how powerful this strategy can be in an economy based on networks.” -- Sally Helgesen, Thriving in 24/7: 6 Strategies for Taming the new World of Work

“The research never ends at the C*E*A labs as their team of experts strives to find new ways for you to waste your valuable time. What are you waiting for?” -- USA Today

“The folks at the CEA have a knack for picking the wackiest sites ... a great place to look for a quick laugh.” -- Yahoo! Internet Life

“For one who has always considered herself lucky to be so easily amused, this site is a godsend.” -- Denise Caruso, Utne Reader

“For those searching for 'family-friendly' Internet entertainment, games, trivia, puzzles, etc. with a decidedly wacky edge, it's hard to beat or its creator and content provider Cathie Walker.” -- GameWEEK

“Because it's like making a statement. There's so many bad things on the web that this is like the worst.” -- Howard Stern (on the Amazing GrassCAM)

“Starting out in 1995 as a hobby, Cathie has developed into a hot site for young people to commune with one another. Cathie keeps her finger on the pulse maintaining a high profile with in her community by participating in her chat rooms and offering the *amused* community the opportunity to help develop the place they call home on the internet.”-- NETzine Internet Success Stories

“If moments of silliness are where you find your heaven, the Center could prove to be your lifeline to a happier existence.” -- PC Format

“The people behind this site have trawled high and low to give you a definitive list of the best places to waste your time and have a bit of fun at.” -- Net User

“Even if you're the most stoic of surfers, you should be prepared to get lost for a few hours.” -- Vancouver Sun

“One of the hubs for web comedy.”-- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“The site's popularity created such a burden on the system the provider was forced to reduce access to her homepage.” -- Web Advertising and Marketing, P. Dowling, Jr. et al.

”Contary to popular belief that comedy web sites are filled with nothing but geeky net jokes and sad sexual innuendoes, the web site Centre for the Easily Amused provides surfers with a never-ending list of links to humorist heaven.” -- The Guardian, UK

”Best of the Web, Humor Division, 1997” -- The Seattle Times

”It's big, it's funny, and it certainly lives up to its reputation as 'the ultimate guide to wasting time'. ” -- Luckman's Best of the Web, 5 stars

”Walker attracts hundreds of thousands of people to a Web site that celebrates the ridiculous, the ironic, the virtual pie-in-the-face -- just about anything to distract and amuse people who spend long hours at a computer screen. ” -- Sympatico Net Life

”The Centre is a compendium of web timewasters, and that's no oxymoron. Great exploration of the horrendous amount of strangeness online.” -- Netsurfer Digest

'Visiting the Centre for the Easily Amused is like sneaking a comic book into the bathroom at work, just to escape it all for a few minutes.' -- New Orleans Times-Picayune

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'In these stress-filled days, we all need a little escape from reality, and I think these goofy sites are the way to do it.' -- The Oregonian

'If you aren't familiar with the C*E*A, then you should be. It is one-stop-shopping for what's funny on the Internet.' -- Oregon Statesman Journal

'If you're the type who gets seriously side-tracked while surfing for a research site or becomes engrossed in the TV Guide articles while looking for a particular show, you'll definitely want to check out the CEA, Centre for the Easily Amused.' -- Kim Komando

'Everyone needs a laugh now and again, and some of the best comic relief is on the Net. Given the sheer glut of comedy pages online, it's best to start your search from one of the many large directories such as the Centre for the Easily Amused.' -- ZDNet's Internet Tonight

'As in any other successful venture, Ms. Walker's success can be credited to a combination of aptitude, interest and lots of hard work.' -- BC Report

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'In many ways, Cathie's success story typifies the Internet Dream - anyone can become a publisher.'-- Net News

'How does she do it? In a nutshell - she listens to what her audience wants, she gives them lots to do, she interacts with key groups, and she works seven days a week.' -- Who's Marketing Online

'Cathie Walker is a one-person Web machine. She manages the Centre for the Easily Amused and is a partner in, as well as working with Uproar online game shows and Cool Site of the Day.' -- Seattle Times

'The CEA has tons of 'little' entertainments -- 'Think Ahead,' 'Amuse-o-Matic,' daily joke -- to give you something to bounce to on your coffee break. Need a quick laugh? Go here.' -- Screensavers, ZDTV

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'Quirky fun.' Fast Company 'A humorous hodgepodge of jokes, quizzes, games, links and more.' -- ZDNet

“Hours – yes, hours – of fun.” -- MacHome

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Mac Operating System X (ten) is based on FreeBSD 4.4. Mac OS X: Look who else is switching
If you've never experienced a BSD/Linux operating system it's hard to understand the the flexibility and choices you have with them. You can literally change every aspect of the operating system. But with that you need ALOT of knowledge and the ability to make decisions. For instance, which GUI (desktop) do you want to use? Gnome, Kde, Enlightenment, NeXTStEP or, I forget what else. There are so many. And you can manipulate each one and make it look completely different. It's really quite amazing, but you really have to know what you are doing. I'm simplifying it, it's even more complicated.
Mac is using an amazing GUI and takes alot of those choices away. That's good. And it could be bad too. But mostly it's good. They make it easy enough for your mother to use, yet underneath... unix, and you can use the command line when you need to.
James is sitting here with me eating chipotle salsa and chips. In fact he just drank it. Go figure. He doesn't really eat candy or cookies so much. Usually he'll put them down after a couple of minutes.

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I've been checking out ebay lately, looking at computer stuff. Just dreaming. I can't believe the amount of obviously fraudulent auctions I see in the higher end areas. People are apparently using other users ids to put up fake auctions. So many say money order/cashiers check only, no user feedback, or like I said, they use someone elses user id. Then most of them are cancelled by ebay. I hope they get most of them. I say if you're looking for expensive electronics go to a legit business on the web instead of an unknown ebay user. Even the escrow companies are being faked. Go on the boards and educate yourself before bidding. Tis the season!

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P.S. What's up with Canada? Canadians go to Baghdad as 'human shields'
Canada refuses to bar Hezbollah

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