5 Things To Do When Your Products Appear On Social Media

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Promote Your Product in Social Media Communities. Joining social media groups/communities relevant to your niche can also serve as a good way to spread awareness about your product. Your product promotion efforts in social media groups will implicitly bring better results since members are already interested in a similar product. By revamping your social strategy and trying out new things on social networks, you have a better chance of increasing your engagement and delighting your audience. Use this list to guide what new features and tactics you try out in 2019. Manage all your social media in one place. Once established a follower base in your social media marketing company you need to update it regularly.

by David October 24, 2018

Social media has been a game changer for businesses. Along with expanding your audience and interacting with your customers, social networks give you the opportunity to promote your products and generate interest in your brand.

Here are five ways to promote your products on social media.

1. Provide Social Proof to Build Confidence in Your Product

To succeed with product promotion, you have to do more than just post advertisements on your social accounts. Get creative. Provide social proof to build consumer trust in your product.

5 things to do when your products appear on social media work

Customers that offer testimonials and reviews act as influencers to promote your products to consumers in a positive way.

Post a customer photo of your product in action. Mention the customer in your post (link to their page or mention their username) and link to your product.

2. Host a Contest

Contests are a great way to generate buzz about your product and expand your brand’s reach. The great thing about a contest is that it allows you to promote your product without actually advertising it.

Keep the contest simple and fun. Make your giveaway accessible to all participants, and make sure the prize is worthwhile. Let’s say your shop sold cheap Gucci bags. Giving away a Gucci replica would certainly catch the attention of your followers and get them to participate.

3. Share Deals

Use your social media accounts to share your deals and promo codes. Yes, you’re advertising your brand and products, but you’re giving your followers a chance to save money on their purchases.

Try running exclusive deals on your social accounts to keep your followers engaged and make them feel special.


4. Add Product Links to Instagram Stories

Instagram feeds are now sorted by popularity rather than chronological order, which makes it more difficult to get your posts seen by followers.

Stories are a great way to bypass this and get your brand in front of your target audience. Stories allow you to include mentions and links, which makes it easier for viewers to see and shop your products.

When including links in your Stories, viewers can swipe up on the See More tab. Viewers can then be taken directly to your shop or blog where your products are sold. The great thing about the Instagram app is that it opens the page in the same app, so it’s a seamless transition.

5. Make Sure Your Customers Know about Your Social Media Links


If you run an online store, you should already be sharing the links to your social accounts. But if you own a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll need to tell your customers about your social accounts.

Make sure you have links to your social accounts on each advertisement you place, whether it’s an advertisement online or a sign on the street. Put information about your social media accounts at your cash register. Customers will read the sign while they’re waiting to make their purchase. Also, make sure that your employees know to tell your customers about your social media accounts.

5 Things To Do When Your Products Appear On Social Media Influencers

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or beyond, there are a few things that can make your profile stand out from others. Design elements, keeping things current, and other things you can do to make your profile attractive are going to put you WAY above the others in terms of getting page views. It can be a hard formula to master completely, but it is easy to spot those who are doing it the wrong way. Putting some true life behind your content, design, and interactivity always shows strong to anyone new looking at the page. Posting content that really gets viewers engaged and coming back to your page to see what’s happening next is optimum; this kind of traffic will always be the most coveted. If you master a few key things about social media, you can really boost your brand’s outreach: here are a few fine points to get you started.

Design Elements:

It is still true that an incredibly generic background will stand out with great content. Particularly on Twitter, a standard background with informative links and Tweets will still get visitors coming to the page on a regular basis to check on your brand’s progress and innovation. But even a simple and large image left justified, logo or example of your brand, or motion banners on the page will really get viewers taking notice. Part of truly having a great design element is going to websites like behance.com can help with design ideas for your page. Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that the simplistic approach does draw in viewers as well, but something multilayered and modern can add a glisten to your page that will entice for sure.

5 Things To Do When Your Products Appear On Social Media Affects

Frequent Posts:

This has always been a difficult science to tackle, and many have done it well. Some social media sites do around 3-6 posts a day, some will only do one religiously, and in news or blog type formats, 2 or three posts a week can sometimes convey to your audience the idea that you are trying to get across. Whichever approach that you do choose, after a certain threshold, viewers will want to see that you are posting frequently. With certain formats, you can do this late at night and readers will still take notice, but optimizing posts around the noon hour and early evening can be best. There are times where you want an epic feature about a popular show, format, or trend, and other times where you just want a quick update about your company. A visit you took, trend you observed, or quick snapshot of your local surroundings can sometimes draw traffic in nicely.

Catchy Content:

When people come to see a blog or brand site, they want to see something that can draw them in quickly. At times in your social media happenings, this is very easy, like during sports playoffs, other cultural events, and holidays. At other times, you may struggle to have content that can draw the reader in. Personal experiences, weird and thrifty finds, and observations about everyday life can always rank high; these are among the most popular of what people are quickly drawn into and hooked on. Social media has the power to act quickly when roping in fans and viewers, and catchy content is one of the prime examples of ways to engage readers quickly. When you master this, there will be followers and new potential followers lined up ready for what you have to post next, and spread the word about your brand.

5 Things To Do When Your Products Appear On Social Media Platforms

Interacting with your fans

5 things to do when your products appear on social media affects

In the broad scope of a company where you have to provide customer service, such as shipping or vending, this gets even more important. If you own a catalog company perhaps, and someone is dissatisfied, they may log right onto a public forum on your Facebook page and complain, where everyone can see it. There is really only one solution for this problem: tell the customer right away where everyone can see it that you have rectified the problem. If you are not on top of this, it could really sink your business! Also, steering the attention away from your own brand and commenting on what some of your followers are doing is key as well… if you have a music fan page, this is key to let people know that you have their bands in mind as well, not just promoting yourself. Fans like to be engaged, asking them every once in awhile about their preferences, trips, or favorite spots always makes your media page truly become a social hub; which is exactly what you want.

Tips on Imaging

When users are looking over social media pages, they always like being drawn in by images. If you can concoct the perfect ratio of images to content, they will always want to come back to your page. One mistake that is made in the social media world today is when a business owner just puts a lot of status updates by text about what is happening. Things like trade shows, success stories, and the like are thrown up with just commentary, or maybe one jpeg taken by a cellphone. Using a camera at the very least of 12 megapixel quality will greatly improve the graininess factor of your images, and the Samsung Galaxy high end phones have cameras with 30 mexapixels and above. These will make you appear much more professional. Lastly and incredibly importantly, seeing your products in action make for the best images ever; that is the most powerful way to stick in the viewer’s memory. We understand it’s easier for products like shoes, but you can tap into your own creativity to figure out a way to show everyone your design or service in invaluable motion!

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5 Things To Do When Your Products Appear On Social Media Work

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