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Welcome to BIRD BOXING, a game about birds punching each other.

This is the current demo of the game, we're always looking for feedback!

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The game can be played with controller or keyboard.

Controller (Xbox): Move with Left Stick, dash with RT, punch with A

Controller (DualShock): Move with Left Stick, dash with R2, punch with X

Keyboard: Move with Arrows, dash with Shift, punch with Space

  • Movement with Left Stick or Arrows:

The birds are constantly moving forward. You can steer the bird and watch the new trajectory grow and shrink depending on the force

  • Dashing with Square, X or Left Shift:

You can dash forward using this button. The dash will only happen when you release the button, and you can change your bird's direction while holding it. If you were steering when you pressed it, the trajectory will grow (like drifting)

2d ko boxing free flash games free

  • Punching with X, A or Space:

2d Ko Boxing Free Flash Games Free

The same as in dashing, you can hold the button to punch harder. When the punch is fully charged, your bird will start glowing.

2d Ko Boxing Free Flash Games Download

Game Modes

  • Boxing Mode: Beat each other up. Each bird has a health bar. When it's empty, it's a DOWN and your bird comes back with less health. When you don't have any health left, it's KO.
  • Balloons Mode: Just punch those balloons and get points


StatusIn development
AuthorFrisson Games
GenreFighting, Action
Tags2D, birds, boxing, Local Co-Op, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, Unity

Install instructions

Unzip the file and open 'Bird Boxing.exe'


Development log

  • How to design a top down 2D bird controller
    May 15, 2020

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